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Saturday 31 August 2013

"Every Time You Think He Cannot Sink Lower ...": The Sequel

 Low ...

Lower still ...

"[E]very time you think he cannot sink any lower he finds new ways to surprise you," Alex Massie observed last week in The Spectator (see my post here).

 Well, the Honourable Member for Bradford West has surely hit rock bottom this time, telling an easily disproven porky in the Commons' chamber:

 Read more here

Hat tip: readers Ian & Shirlee


  1. Galloway should have been arrested and convicted of treason years ago.

    1. Bizarrely, Tony Blair's government repealed the treason laws in 1998 ...

    2. Incidentally, I've just stumbled across this video of George declaiming about Assad (and of course Israel gets a kicking) in Sydney last month:

    3. "Tony Blair's government repealed the treason laws in 1998 ..."

      A widespread belief, but not so: only the death penalty was abolished, as a result of ratification of the 6th protocol of the European Convention on Human Rights and the coming into force of the Human Rights Act 1998. The crime of treason remains on the statute books.

    4. Many thanks for that clarification!

  2. And just when you thought Father Dave couldn't sink any lower.

    1. Well, well, well! Note Dave's words:
      "Personally, as one who considers Galloway a friend and a mentor, I find his theory entirely plausible"
      Thanks, Geoff. Must store that little nasty up for future reference.


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