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Tuesday 2 October 2012

The Fool's Paradise Of Swedish Multiculturalism

Australia has been dubbed "The Sweden of the South," and from Peter Wertheim, executive director of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry comes a robust statement deploring the attack on the Jewish community centre in Malmö, Sweden last Friday: 
"It is bad enough that the Jewish Community Centre in Malmö was attacked with an explosive device and bricks through its reinforced entrance just after Yom Kippur.  What is worse is that in Sweden, a country that prides itself on its progressive human rights record, the authorities lack the courage to confront the pervasive Jew-hatred that produced this attack in the first place and to bring the perpetrators of past attacks to justice.  Worse still is the apparent public and media indifference.
Seventy years after Europe was devastated by the Nazis, antisemitism is once more commonplace and tacitly accepted on that continent.  European civilisation has failed to cast off its long and disgraceful history of anti-Jewish prejudice and persecution.  The mark of Cain remains etched indelibly on its forehead, and for this it will one day again pay a terrible price."
Here's a reminder of the plight of Jews in Malmö:

 And here's another:

Since those videos were made three years ago hate crimes against Jews in Sweden's third largest city have continued apace, as this interview that took place earlier this year indicates:

 Let's hope the "Sweden of the South" heeds the lessons inherent in the real Sweden's mistakes.


  1. Yes an excellent statement by Peter, but as someone else pointed out - to whom was it made ?

    What on earth is the matter with the Jewish Community in Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, where the Muslim population is 39% of the population and growing? This was bound to happen. For years now Jews haven’t been able to show signs of their Jewishness for fear of being attacked by Muslims and there have been many .

    A Fox documentary back in 2008 showed what was happening then. Since that time there have been constant reports of antisemitic attacks.

    This is from a 2010 report. “In 2009, a chapel serving the city’s 700-strong Jewish community was set ablaze. Jewish cemeteries were repeatedly desecrated, worshipers were abused on their way home from prayer.”

    From a Holocaust survivor in that same report “I never thought I would see this hatred again in my lifetime, not in Sweden anyway,”

    In 2009 there were 79 antisemitic attacks on 700 Jews in Malmö.

    Large areas of the city, similar to those in Western Europe and the UK, are labelled ‘no-go zones.’ They are unsafe for non-Muslims, particularly women who don’t conform to Islamist conventions of dress and social interaction. They are danger zones for police, firemen, and paramedics, who refuse to enter these areas without protection and back up, for their own safety.

    Soeren Kern of the Madrid-based Strategic Studies Group says, “Fire and emergency workers . . . refuse to enter Malmö’s mostly Muslim Rozengaard district without police escorts. And sensibly so: When firefighters attempted to extinguish a blaze at the city’s main mosque, local Muslims pelted them with stones.”

  2. "Let's hope the "Sweden of the South" heeds the lessons inherent in the real Sweden's mistakes."

    Sad to say that under our present government we are actually gallopping in the wrong direction and will probably overtake "the real" Sweden soon enough. (Unless the voters here are more intelligent this time round).

    Our two recent prime ministers and foreign ministers have schmoozed and kissed derrieres (at a very high economical and demographical cost to Australia) of those member states of the UN security council who could vote for them in their desperate quest for a chair among this mob.

    Our "leaders" are definately "fashion victims".

  3. Some very brave people:
    In Sweden, the kippa becomes a symbol of defiance
    Rallies and solidarity actions are having a marked impact — notably in Malmo, a hotspot of anti-Semitism

    Jewish communities under threat in Malmo, Sweden?
    Last week an explosion struck a Jewish community centre in Malmo - the latest in a series of anti-Semitic attacks in the Swedish city

  4. They are asking themselves the wrong question. It's not a debate about how far to appease with sweet words and rich benefits, the angry immigrant mob. The question should be, is there a 'Sweden' any more. Is there any nation or society which exists beyond the regulatory borders of the social welfare it hands out by taking from one to give to the other. Is that all there is to Sweden now? Because clearly assimilation has failed, integration has
    failed and the notion that immigrants go Sweden or any other reasonably advanced socialist or social welfare state for anything other than a check is over as well. Just as clearly Islamic
    Autonomous Regions are coming to Sweden. The immediate issue is not whether Jews are safe, because frankly, they're going to be pushed
    out sooner than later. And they are merely the first. Soon it will be all the other infidels of Malmo. The language will be Arabic and
    Pushtun and Urdu and Berber and Farsi. The laws will be sharia inspired and civil order will be maintained by Islamic courts. That's a given.

    The question Sweden has to ask itself is not whether it wants to align itself with yet another anti Jewish pogrom or ethnic cleansing because again here that's a given. They have, they are, they will. They're happy to tell us that. The question they need to ask themselves is 'what is Sweden'? Perhaps Sweden is nothing more than a tax collection agency bolted on to a
    social welfare department. Perhaps there is no Swedish culture, language, history, values, mores and such. Perhaps Sweden is merely a
    brand affinity. I don't know, I'm not Swedish, and, I suspect, neither is anyone else.

    But it's clear that whatever forces are in play they make immigrants less assimilated less integrated and less Swedish than Sweden makes them less immigrant. Whatever laws which either are or aren't enforced and obeyed or ignored are in the main, irrelevant. There are no laws in that sense. There's only the threat of the violence of the mob. Some, like the mayor of Malmo cheer it on, and others ignore it or hide from it. But it's a mob all the same. I predict the same phenomenon as the Parisian banelliues
    which have become no-go zones for police, fire, EMT; where no one goes to school or a job. The sit home collecting checks and committing violent crimes on each other. Soon Malmo will look like that more or less but with a more fundamentalist Islamic streak in lieu of a North African ghetto streak. Malmo will be the city Sweden offers up to the Muslim mob as ransom or a bribe hoping they don't come for Uppsala, Gothenburg and finally Stockholm. But they will.

    Because there is no Sweden any more. There's nothing worth saving from the angry mob. The angry mob is just one more post modern multicultural entirely interchangeable culture' as legitimate and deserving of respect and benefits as any other. And when the last
    Jews have left Malmo and the mayor declares it ok to loot and burn what they've left behind “Sweden” will swoop in to hold the the mob's
    hand and tell them it's ok and the check is in the mail.


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