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Sunday 7 October 2012

An Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory On A London Wall (with video)

Hanbury Street, in London's East End, looms large in the Anglo-Jewish story.  Among those once resident there was Chaim Reuben Weintrop, better known as comedian Bud Flanagan; a blue plaque on the wall of number twelve marks the spot.

Last week, on a wall in Hanbury Street, accompanying the message "The New World Order Is The Enemy Of Humanity," appeared this offensive image from the brush of an American muralist who believes that Jews and Freemasons rule the world.

Sounds familiar? It is, having characterised antisemitic conspiracy theories of both left and right since the nineteenth century.

To the best of my knowledge the first conspiracy theorist to allege a sinister collusion between the two groups was the odious renegade Jew Jacob Brafman, whose pamphlet on the subject in the mid-nineteenth century anticipated the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Kalen Ockerman (aka Mear One), the muralist responsible for this excrescence, claims that it's not antisemitic but classist.  Some have accepted his explanation

But the mayor of Tower Hamlets, Luftur Rahman, told the Jewish Chronicle:
"I have received a number of complaints that the mural has antisemitic images. I share these concerns. Whether intentional or otherwise, the images of the bankers perpetuate antisemitic propaganda about conspiratorial Jewish domination of financial and political institutions.
Where freedom of expression runs the risk of inciting racial hatred then it is right that such expression should be curtailed. I have asked my officers to do everything possible to see to it that this mural is removed."
It is instructive, and somewhat disturbing, to watch this video of the mural being painted, with narration by the artist, and see how the initial antipathy by locals chamges as the mural takes shape.

Read more here (hat tip: reader Ian G)


  1. You should also note the owner of the building is called Azmel Hussain.

    1. I recall that's mentioned in the Daily Mail article I link to at the end.

  2. Paint a huge swastika on his house. Let him piss and moan about post modernism then.

  3. I remain baffled about what it is about the freemasons that they get bundled in with us insidious Zionists?

    Why the freemasons?

    The Hamas charter also condemns the freemasons as some crypto-Zionist organization.

    I don't get it.

    1. On the European Continent Masonic lodges were associated with liberalism, and perhaps this perception of them as opponents of "ancien regimes" plus their secret society nature has something to do with it.
      Of course, in France the trilogy of "métèque" elements accused by the far right as working against the national interest was completed by Protestants.
      Pope Leo X forbade Catholics to join lodges because of the perception that Freemasons were dangerous liberals.
      The Nazis persecuted Freemasons.
      I know that Freemasons believe in a Supreme Being, "the Great Architect of the Universe", that they do much charity work, and are unfairly traduced.
      A 9/11 truther who used to infest this site is as anti-Freemason as he is anti-Jewish. It's a crazy package deal!

  4. I've got an idea.

    This mural has pretty much the same artistic merit as
    "Innocence of Muslims".

    Let's riot in the streets, put a $100 000 bounty on the artist's head and get the kids to carry signs threatening to behead his supporters.

  5. The funny thing is, one notable proponent of new world order conspiracy theories is arch Christian Zionist, John Hagee. I'm just saying.

  6. That's weird, Richard. I don't know as much about Hagee as I ought.

  7. Note that many/most of the comments on that YouTube page are insanely antisemitic. You re judged, somewhat, by the company you keep. And in fact, after I commented on YouTube about this piece of trash I now have a new YouTube stalker following me around YouTube generally talking hate and making threats.

    1. I'm not logged into YouTube but I never cease to be amazed by the hardcore antisemites who comment there.

  8. Orthodox (in the doctrinal, not the denominational sense) Christianity doesn't like Freemasonry because it is heterodox. The 'Secret' name of the 'Great Architect Of The Universe' is Jah - Bul - On. A conflation of the NAME (Ha Shem), Bul (Baal) and On or Osiris. This is blasphemy in Judaism and Christianity. Some Freemasons have been accused, with somne documentation, of being involved in assorted financial crimes and murders. The Vatican has not been left untouched. The death of Pope John Paul I (murder?) has been linked to thse affairs alomg with the Roman Catholic order Opus Dei. Hagee is not alone in beliving that their is a cabal of rich and powerful people who are seeking a New World Order. Assorted New Age tyoes have used this language, Hitler used it, and so have others. The Bilderberg meetings have been linked.

    Some theories have more going for them than others. The problem with conspiracy theories is that sometimes conspiracies happen.

    Hitler blacklisted the Freemasons and other groups e.g. the Round Table, the Lions, Buffaloes etc. Dictatorships do not like any organisations that have a loyalty affiliation that cannot be controlled. Consequently, Jews, Christians, Freemasons, etc. etc. are viewed with suspicion. The Chinese opposition to Falun Gong AND Christians is a perfect example.

    Freemasonry is often unfairly traduced, BUT, because it is a relatively secret society with an oath of brotherhood is is NOT always unfairly traduced. I have two family members in the organisation. One has let his membership lapse (because the brothers aren't always brotherly) and the other claimed it as his religion. Like the Hotel California or Islam, "You can check out, but you can never leave". This is one of the classic hallmarks of a cult.

    There are many testimonies of Christians who have studied or left Freemasonry as well as of non-Christian invesigators. In order, Rev. Walter Hannah (CofE) wrote 'Darkness Visible' which has never been sensibly refuted; the following website of an ex-Mason ( and, Stephen Knight's 'The Brotherhood'.

    The maelstrom that all these theories form have , in recent years, centred on the death of one Roberto Calvi at Greyfriars Bridge in London.

    So how do Jews get bundled in with Freemasons? Kabbalah, witchcraft and Masonic ritual. This is not to suggest that they are linked, but mysticism and magic sometimes blur the line of heterodoxy and orthodoxy. That is enough to create suspicions.

    This is a complex subject, but I hope I have shed some light as well as raising questions.

    1. My father and his father were Freemasons, which enhances my high regard for Masonry. My father loved the high ideals of Freemasonry and the bringing together of men of all creeds.
      My mother's sister's husband persuaded my father, against his better judgment, to sponsor him for membership. Later, having found that contrary to expectation, there was no personal advantage to be gained from membership, the brother-in-law (without even the courtesy of a resignation letter or telling my father of his intent) let his membership lapse by simply not paying his dues. He was one of the bad eggs who thought membership would open doors for him, and he let my father down badly.

  9. I know many like you who point to such high-minded people. My wife's former boss, with who we still have contact socially, is one such example. I have also met the other sort. The same goes for all belief systems, which is why I always recommend looking closely at the founders and then at the core doctrines. Sooner or later all belief systems revert to type, which is good news for some and bad news for others.

    This is clearly one of those areas where opinions differ and I hope that I have not caused any offence.

    1. No, Ian, of course you haven't caused any offence. You comments are always most welcome.


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