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We offer peace and amity to all the neighbouring states and their peoples, and invite them to cooperate with the independent Jewish nation for the common good of all. The State of Israel is ready to contribute its full share to the peaceful progress and development of the Middle East.
(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Friday 11 March 2011

"We are coming, Palestine"

There's a Facebook page in Arabic advertising a Third Palestinian Intifada. 

Here's the English translation, by Palestine Media Watch:


The countries neighbouring Palestine will start to advance on Palestine on May 15, and a while after that all the Islamic countries will advance. Our time is near. Palestine will be liberated, and it will be we who liberated it. Our aim at present is to reach millions of friends with this page before May.

I request that you publicize this page everywhere.

We are coming, Palestine.

Copy the link to your page, add it to your profile, and publicize it with every photograph, video, page, and everywhere:

[Site address]

Palestine, how negligent we have been concerning your rights. Forgive us and forgive your children for this.

You have always been our inspiration for resoluteness, for resistance, and for struggle for you to be free and Arab.

Palestine, as you were, as you still are, and as you will remain,

I love you, queen of lands!

Following the Tunisian Intifada, the Egyptian Intifada and the Libyan Intifada, it is now the turn of the Palestinian Intifada.

The first Intifada was in 1987.

The second Intifada was in 2000.

As to the third Intifada, its date will soon appear on this page.

We have contacted the managers of Arab [Facebook] pages with large numbers of friends, and they have said that they will assist us in publicizing this page. The Palestinian cause is our cause.

Publicize this page on websites, forums, and everywhere, and invite all your friends to join. If everyone invites all his friends – by Allah, by today we will have more than 100,000 friends.

This page was created on March 6, 2011.

Allah willing, we will reach a million [friends] this week.

The time for Palestine’s liberation has come.

Everyone who has a Facebook page – please publicize our page on yours.

Palestine will be liberated and it will be we who liberated it.

We are coming, Palestine.

If Facebook closes this page, all Muslims will boycott it forever!


  1. I've reported that to FB for incitement.

  2. Good luck, Roger!
    There are many hate groups on FB - I'm amazed they're tolerated!

  3. Only the mozlem hate-groups are tolerated on FB. The filth and lies they get away with! Just one for a start, the mozlem defence league based in UK.
    Who cares if mozzies boycott FB? That is all they ever do. They are totally unproductive except in the blood-spilling category.

  4. There are certainly many horrible anti-Israel hate-groups there, Juniper - quite sickening.

  5. If you want to stop the intifada, end the occupation.

  6. Any group or religion who promotes hate and distruction of another group should not be allowed to spread their hate in any medium. Shame on you FB if you let this continue. It could turn out that the rest of the free world just might boycott FB and it will no longer exist. It might be a good thing that radical Muslims boycott FB and blow themselves up!

  7. The Hamas and Fatah organizations are now 'renewing' their ties...and still spew hate messages...please stop them..

  8. Thanks for posting this translation. In reading it there is not cry in this for a violent overthrow of Israel or death to the Jews, etc. It could be referring to overthrowing Hamas for all we know. All the recent intifadas have been nonviolent so, hopefully, if there is anything other than hype behind this, it will have nonviolent intentions too. The line about countries neighboring Palestine will start the advance is actually funny. If you think about since there have been demonstrations in Jordan, Violent clashes in Syria and Egypt is getting ready to start round 2 or their intifada. I'm thinking they are a bit preoccupied with their own problems to go and help a people they've neglected for 60 years.

  9. Thanks for your comments!
    On my latest post (Obama's policy ...) I include a video relevant to this "Third Intifada".


  11. Shame on FB executives, responsible for NOT removing this gargage! Ugly continuation of political correctness.! I and other millions can use FB without muslims.

  12. These are the people that say that the Holocaust is a myth. It is the occupation they refer to that is a myth.

  13. That darned site. It's baaaack!


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