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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Monday 14 March 2011

Candy for the Carnage

Above are five members of the Israeli Fogel Family, a mother and father in their thirties, and three young children  the youngest a baby aged three months old.  They were, of course, the family murdered the other night in their own home by Palestinian terrorists  all but the mother, who was leaving the bathroom when confronted by the men responsible and evidently fought for her life  were killed in their beds.  The three year old boy had been stabbed through the heart.  His father and siblings  the eleven-year-old boy and the tiny baby girl  had had their throats cut.

Below are scenes from Hamas-controlled Gaza, where news of the atrocity was greeted with rejoicing.  The young man in the pictures below is expressing his approval of the cold-blooded massacre by handing out sweets, or, as Americans would say, candy.

In Rafah two Hamas policemen accept the proferred sweets:

A motorist does likewise:

And so does an elderly woman:

Hamas has reportedly also foreshadowed kidnapping and killing Israelis and ransoming their bodies back to their families. (

Look again at the photos of the Fogel Family.  Their smiles, and their hope for the future symbolised by the children whom Mr and Mrs Fogel brought into this world, celebrate life.

In contrast, Hamas is a dark Islamic force that celebrates death  and such is its depravity that it celebrates even the cold-blooded slaughter of babies.

Yet I guess the usual suspects in the Western world are still "All Hamas Now".

But imagine the furore  the publicity in the leftwing press and on the BBC News website  if Israeli settlers had treated a Palestinian family the way brutes in human form have treated the Fogels. 


  1. Israel has been removing security posts in the West Bank in co-operation with the PA.

    One wonders if the removal of the nearby security post could have prevented this?

  2. I'm glad to see that David Hallam, the anti-Boycott, po-Israel Methodist who acts rather as his Church's "conscience" where Israel is concerned, has blogged about this:
    Post: The Church must condemn the Itamar killings
    Thank you, David.
    You are a beacon.


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