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Tuesday 22 March 2011

Forthright but not "Far Right": The English Defence League lays down the gauntlet

The much-vilified English Defence League (EDL), which is branded a "far right" organisation by the Jewish Chronicle, the BBC and most of the mainstream media, thus effectively putting the organisation beyond the pale and making dispassionate consideration of it virtually impossible, has issued a press release disavowing the label and insisting that it stands for "human rights"

Here's what is says:
'Please note: the English Defence League (EDL) is not now, nor has it ever been a "Far Right" organisation. The EDL welcomes all colours, creeds, religions, sexualities and anyone who believes in the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family.
In the past many media outlets have dubbed the EDL "Far Right" without providing any significant evidence to back up this claim. We have not reacted up to now.
The EDL would like to alert all media outlets we have been advised in the future we should not allow news reportage to describe as or link the EDL to the "Far Right" without significant evidence (such as has not been provided up to now).
Should any media now refer to the EDL as "Far Right" or associated terms with negative or extreme conotations, without providing justifying evidence and giving the EDL a right to reply, as they are required to do by Press Complaints Commission (PCC) Editors' Code section 1-i and 1-ii (Accuracy) & Section 2, we will have to consider an official complaint to the PCC.
As the EDL has a large following among ethnic minorities, different religions and differing sexualities, who are happy to stand up for the England they want to live in, describing these people as "Far Right" is inaccurate, insulting and morally wrong. The EDL has an obligation to protect its supporters from this accusation and will act accordingly.'
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  1. You're welcome Daphne.

    I actually cringe every time I hear the ADL called "far right" as they are anything but !!

    The Great Divide

    "Some say it's the very thing that makes Australia great. Others believe it threatens our national identity.

    It seems right now nothing divides opinion like multiculturalism.

    Our government insists it's working here, a shining example for the rest of the world.

    But in some countries like Britain and Germany they've declared multiculturalism a failure, a disastrous social policy that's torn communities apart.

    But let's be frank here. This debate isn't so much about race as religion and a fear of one in particular - Islam. "

  2. Shirlee, it's predicted religion will be extinct in Oz!

  3. I am getting sooooooooooooooooooo over this "far right/extreme right" label being thrown as an insult at anyone who is not singing from the political fashionable song sheet e.g. hatred of the Jewish people, virulent anti-Semitism, globalised defamation of Israel, encouraging the Islamisation of the West etc. that I am going to adopt the label for myself and wear it with pride!

    So there !!!Pfffft !

  4. Indeed, Rita.
    Zionazi is also a favourite - it's what a loony stalker used to call me on another site.

  5. Err, not everyone who supports Israel is worth promoting. I'd stay as far away as your can from the EDL.


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