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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Saturday 8 January 2011

This is the Way to Defend Israel and Western Values against the Islamic Foe! – an American Congressman’s Magnificent Speech

Last month, at the “Americans Against Hate” pro-Israel Conference, Congressman Allen West (Republican, Florida) made a magnificent speech, notable for its clear realism and its engaging, non-bombastic, eloquence, about the threat to Israel and the West posed by Islamist extremism and by continuing appeasement and denial of who the enemy is and what the enemy intends.

A genuine philosemite, he's a retired lieutenant-colonel and decorated war hero; you can read and hear more of this great man on Israel here:

We need more politicians of his kind.  On both sides of the Herring Pond.  May he and his party prosper!

And may those American Jews who still laud Barack Obama come to their senses soon!


  1. I """LOVE""" this man.

    I've been following him for a few years now. His strength is an inspiration

    It says much, that he achieved such success in Florida, being a Republican, as Florida is VERY strongly Democratic

  2. I've forwarded this on. We need to hear more about this man. He makes BO look like a bad small.

  3. I want him for President of the US!

  4. I usually comment under the name "Rita" - eg I post like that to Robert Spencer's and Pamela Geller's blog, but this seems not let me post like this. (I'm pretty luddite). Anyway, the comment that I want the courageous and articulate Alan West for President, was mine, and stands:)
    Like you blog too.

  5. He hasn't come to my attention before, Shirlee!
    He's great.
    Ian and Rita, thanks for your comments.
    Rita - when making a comment, if you scroll down the "Select Profile" option to Name/URL rather than to Anonymous you can just put Rita in there (no URL required); that should work.

  6. If you go to Youtube and type "Allen West" into their search, you'll come up with 12 pages of videos............ enjoy !!

  7. He has been around for a couple of years, but really has only come to prominence in the last year or so, since the run up to the elections

    He won on a Republican platform, in a Democratic State, by a huge majority. He also raised a record amount of money for his campaign and mainly from small donations.

    I do tend to hear of people and events before many people, as I have two good friends in the US, who are very politically minded. Though Allen West, if I recall, I learned about from Pamela Geller.

    I had also fully read up on Sarah Palin, before she was chosen to run for VP.

    It is quite amazing what the MSN can do and the power they wield.

    Not a peep about the person with no past, Obama….yet they crucified Sarah Palin.

    Most people went along with it, but I had read about Sarah Palin and think she would have made an excellent VP. I have a fair few American friends who tell me that she is the favourite to run for President

    I can hear Daphne sighing in disgust here !!! She really is a ‘clever cookie’ and smart…not worldly, by any stretch of the imagination! I am told though, Ronald Reagan was one of the best Presidents they’ve had !! We certainly never thought that in the big wide world

  8. You are a veritable goldmine of information, Shirlee - I'm so glad you discovered my blog.
    Regarding Sarah Palin, I liked her as soon as I saw and heard her, when she was wheeled out as the vice-presidential candidate. The fact she's pro-Israel is the icing on the cake.

  9. Thanks Daph !!!

    Tell you what..she one gutsy woman, who tells it like it is. One only has to read what a successful State she ran

    She just made a small TV documentary series, in which, by all accounts showed another very strong gutsy side. I haven't as yet had a link sent to me, when and if I do, I'll pass on

    I probably won't watch it, anything more than 7 or 8 minutes loses my attention.

  10. I've always liked Sarah Palin. Partly because of where she stands on key ethical issues including Israel, partly because attractive and powerful women are not supposed to be right-wing, partly because she is clearly a genuine Christian and partly because the liberal left hate her with such absolute venom that she MUST be good! I don't agree with all her policies, as a Brit I have reservations over her approach to gun control, the death penalty and universal health care but I understand where she is coming from.

  11. Thanks, Shirlee and Ian.
    Her moose-shooting hobby is not calculated to endear!

  12. Daphne, she's a crack shot. She only hunts for food. I'm an animal lover but have no problems as far as her hunting is concerned

    She nothing like the idiots here that injure an animal and let it die suffering

  13. I'm grateful to Avraham Reiss for this link to an interview with Melanie Phillips on Israeli television - she's talking (in English) about the pathological delusion re Israel and the West.

    Click on that link and you will see Melanie's photo; to the left of her photo there is a tiny icon of a video camera; click on that for the interview. After an opener in Hebrew, Melanie is interviewed in English.

  14. First of all, I love your blog Daphne and would like to thank you.
    Secondly, Allen West moves me deeply. The free world and Israel need people like him badly in these dark times.

  15. I love your blog Daphne. Thanks

    Allen West moves me deeply. The free world and Israel need people like him badly in these dark times.

  16. I suspect you posted twice (just in case), Roger, but I like your comments so much that I've added both. Many thanks!


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