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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The BBC helps to reinvent "Palestinian" History by Fiddling a Scratchy Tune

Leonard Bernstein conducting the Palestine Symphony Orchestra in 1948
The despicable, incorrigible anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian bias of the BBC has hit a low note with its report of 31 December headed “Palestinian Orchestra to hold debut concert in Ramallah”.  Slyly disregarding the fact that the Palestine Symphony Orchestra of the Mandate period was founded by and consisted of Jews (in 1936, it being the brainchild of the great Polish-born violinist Bronislaw Huberman), the report begins: “The first Palestinian orchestra of professional classical musicians since 1948 is due to perform its debut concert in Ramallah in the West Bank.”

The inestimable Ray Cook, not one in his blogs to fume lightly, is fuming over the report, which, he notes,
“is saying that those who call themselves Palestinians today are somehow connected with the Palestinians of 1948 and before. It suggests that this orchestra is a reincarnation of that pre-1948 Jewish orchestra. Of course, it is not. It is a new thing. The old Palestine Orchestra still exists, it was just renamed.”
Continues Mr Cook:
“Does the writer know this? Surely he/she must. Does the editor who let it published know all this? Surely he/she does.
It’s as if Israel has been airbrushed out. It’s as if in the minds of the BBC news editors this version of Palestine, the one that wishes to destroy Israel, is somehow a legitimate heir to the one which ‘disappeared’ in 1948. It’s as if this new orchestra replaces that old one.
This whole article is a subtle example of the way Israel is delegitimised and how the putative ‘Palestine’ is legitimised.
It’s a kind of coup de theatre. It’s historical illiteracy.
But that’s not all.”
Read the whole of Ray Cook’s hard-hitting post here:


  1. The correct URL is

    Daphne will no doubt correct it in due course.

  2. Daphne,

    Just read the above. I cannot believe the chutzpah of the BBC yet again. Palestinian orchestra? LOL!! It makes me furious to see such things, when Palestinian speciality is throwing rockets on Jews, not playing beautiful music. And it is true what you say, the real Palestine Symphony Orchestra was made up by Jews.

    Funny that in those days Muslims would not be seen dead being called Palestinians. Now all of a sudden these people hijack a purely Jewish identity to use for their own agenda, just like they hijacked everything else, these bloody copycats. Nothing original ever comes from these people, all they do is copy others.

    Shame I cannot find the original article written by the BBC. Do you know where it is? I want to make a complaint on Historical grounds.

    EDL Jewish Division

  3. Roberta - it's still there:

    The BBC is loathsome.

  4. Thanks. Will be filing a complaint.


  5. Good. They deserve it, but in the absence of an impartial arbitrator they usually wriggle out of things. Complaints are assessed in-house, a disraceful situation.


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