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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Don't Go Dutch! Harassment of Jews in that Province of Eurabia called Holland

In his book Het Verval ("The Decline") published last year, Dutch-born Holocaust survivor Manfred Gerstenfeld, a senior researcher at the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs and an expert on antisemitism and bias against Israel, examines the attitude of the Dutch Protestant Church towards Jews. In the book , which maintains that antisemitism in Holland is not restricted to persons of Muslim background, he quotes Frits Bolkestein, a former European Commissioner and ex-leader of Holland’s ruling right-wing party.

Bolkestein (who’s not Jewish, by the way) advised Dutch Jews to emigrate to the United States or Israel, in view of the growing hostility towards them from a significant proportion of the Muslim population of the Netherlands. "Any Jew who looks or acts Jewish will have a hard time in Holland due to the growing part of Muslims who hate Jews”, he said.

Although, as Mr Gerstenfeld observed, the quoted remarks amounted to just “seven lines” of the 280-page book, they were very widely reported, leading to “a media-rodeo around Frits Bolkestein”.

According to Gerstenfeld:
 "Bolkestein never said that all Muslims are Jew-haters; he said that there is a large amount of Muslims in Holland who hate Jews. Bolkestein added that the Dutch government didn't act properly to protect its Jewish population from antisemitic attitudes or attacks from its growing number of Muslim inhabitants. Hence, according to Bolkestein, those Jews who wish to live a peaceful Jewish life should leave the Netherlands."
Here’s a video (hat tip: reader Shirlee) that gives a glimpse into the plight of “visible” Jews in the land of Spinoza and Anne Frank:


  1. What a sad situation when you analyse it.

    Holland... the country to which many thousands of Jews fled to escape the Spanish Inquisition, is now not protecting them.

    The Dutch Jews had a full and vibrant life, financially, culturally and academically.
    To name a few Baruch Spinoza, philosopher. Artist Jozef Israëls & his son Isaac Israëls. Sculptor Joseph Mendes da Costa. Leo Fuld, a beautiful singer of Yiddish songs…….and not to forget Anne Frank

  2. I forgot about Jozef Israels, Shirlee - a great painter.

  3. The fact is, Frits Bolkestein said the Jews, who are peaceful, should leave, not the aggressive mozlems. If that is not anti-Semitism I don't know what is! Sounds just like the nazis. Gerstenfeld is losing his marbles!

  4. Methinks 'tis Appeasement all over again ...


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