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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

"Curse You, Curse You, Curse You, Mr Blair!"

Just what makes Anthony Charles Lynton Blair tick is very hard to fathom.  Admired by some, and loathed by others, this "all-over-the-place" politician may well be judged by history (as he is judged by many already) the worst prime minister of the British twentieth century.

The usual suspects of the Left view Blair as a war criminal for the "lies" that took Britain into the war that toppled Saddam Hussein, and feel exonerated by the Chilcot Report, but to numerous men and women Blair's crimes are those he committed against his own country during his prime ministership (1997-2007).

In the current issue of the Australian conservative intellectual and literary magazine Quadrant Welshman Christie Davies (author of The Strange Death of Moral Britain) articulates this viewpoint with clarity and passion.

Pointing out the societal, economic, and ecological problems associated with Britain's record high levels of immigration over the last  two decades, with England now the most densely populated country in Europe (419 people per square km) and projected to become even more congested by 2030 (460 people per square km), Davies notes that the warnings of demographers during the 1960s regarding future overcrowding if the birthrate did not fall are never alluded to today.

 (Anyone seen the slogan "Zero Population Growth" lately?  No. Didn't think so.  Since the immigrant population is driving up the birthrate these days it's much too politically incorrect to suggest that the maximum number of babies per family should be two.  Ever seen the Greens arguing that immigration numbers should be restricted, given the fact that swathes of unspoiled countryside and greenbelt land are now being cemented over to meet the need for housing consequent upon today's massive population surge?  Ah, that'll be the day!)

A scene in Birmingham.  Photo: Lee Thomas (see more photos here)

Writes Christie Davies, inter alia:
 'I do not blame immigrants for wanting to come to a country that is far better in all respects than the wretched ones into which they were born.  In their position I would try to do the same.  The real villain is Tony Blair ...  
[In 2004] most of the existing EU countries imposed severe restrictins on migration from the East [of Europe], but Britain under Blair did not and two million immigrants arrived...
Blair also instructed his officials to loosen considerably the rules regarding the checking of those from outside Europe claiming asylum.  Many of the claimants were fakes and they were deliberately allowed to slip through the net so as to avoid the publicity attending an expulsion.
Worst of all, Blair abolished the "primary purpose" rule.  Any British citizen who has married a foreigner is entitled to bring their spouse into the country.... Where the problem arises is when a marriage is arranged or even forced, often in pursuit of some sordid material pay-off, and no such ties exist.  Many of these marriages were simply a trick to evade the immigration rules... and it was perfectly proper to block their entry into the country by means of the primary purpose rule.
Under pressure from British Muslim activists, for many of whom marriage was a way of obtaining a British passport, Tony Blair abolished  the rule, saying it was discriminatory.  
Some Muslims had another reason for seeking an absence of restrictions on imported spouses.  They wanted to use marriage as a means of compelling those of their children who were showing signs of personal independence and assimilation, to marry unreconstructed, uneducated husbands and wives from their original country.  These parents wanted spouses who would bring their wayward offspring back into line and away from the dangers of British freedom.
In approving all these changes Blair should have known that they would destroy Britain.  ... [T]hat might have been his purpose.  He was, after all, the man who began the dismemberment of the United Kingdom, who subordinated our interests to the EU, denied tradition and fostered multiculturalism.   
Curse you, curse you, curse you, Mr Blair!
A mural in Birmingham
Leftists welcome immigrants, whom they perceive as lacking the ties that hold the British people together in a sense of a common history and culture.  The leftists wish to destroy these forms of solidarity, so that they can replace them with their own ideological framework of imposed equality.  That is what the weasel Blair meant by modernity ... Some have also cynically calculated that the new arrivals are more likely to be hungry for benefits and more likely to vote Labour....
Immigration is stealing our land but Islam threatens to steal our soul....
Australia's tough line on immigration including the turning back of boats and building detention centres outside the country is exactly what Britain needs...'
Meanwhile, to judge from her recent naive comments regarding sharia, it appears Britain's new prime minister Theresa May would benefit from a reading of Australian scholar of Islam Mark Durie's latest article here


  1. This article is absolutely spot-on. As an indigenous Brit living in South-East England, it sickens me how much of our countryside is being bulldozed over for housing development. And yet all our major politicians and economists seem to be unanimous in calling for more house-building - no-one suggests that the problem is too many people.

    1. There is a real case on ecological grounds to be made against immigration. It would really thwart those who automatically cry "racist" and try to intimidate concerned people into silence.
      Thanks for commenting.

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