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Thursday, 14 January 2016

"The West Decides to Pretend That Radical Islam Doesn't Exist" (updated)

I like this astute and brave young American guy, Ben Shapiro. 

Ben on BDS:

Ben on Leftist inconsistencies:

Ben on the Iran threat:

 Ben on the Islamic menace:

 Yesterday, in relation to the latter problem confronting the West, and the all too common denial voiced by world leaders including Angela Merkel and Barack Obama, Ben Shapiro wrote, inter alia:
'Last year, there were 452 suicide terror attacks across the world. Four hundred and fifty of them were committed by Muslims. Last month, Muslims pledging allegiance to ISIS murdered 14 people in San Bernardino, California. Last week, thousands of Muslims around Europe, from Germany to Sweden to Switzerland, sexually assaulted hundreds of young women on New Year's Eve. Just days ago, a Muslim man shot a Philadelphia cop at point-blank range and declared that he did it in the name of Islam.
In response, Hillary Clinton declared, "Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam." ...The mayor of Cologne, Germany, told young women not to walk within "arm's length" of young Muslim men, and leftist commentators explained that the wave of sexual harassment resulted from some generalized, nonspecific religious patriarchal attitudes. The mayor of Philadelphia said that the attack on the police officer had nothing to do with "being a Muslim or the Islamic faith," and that instead, we ought to focus our attention on the pressing issue of gun violence ....
If the West keeps this up, there won't be any West of which to speak.
.... The West is far too powerful to lose to ISIS or radical Islam -- unless the West decides to pretend that radical Islam doesn't exist. In pathological fashion, that's just what our leaders have apparently decided to do.'
Read all of Ben Shapiro's piece here

Read, too, the comparable warning, from across the Herring Pond, of the prescient and courageous Douglas Murray in The Spectator that concludes:
'Later this month the House of Commons will discuss the urgent issue of Mr Trump. This is because last month Trump said that he wanted to stop Muslim immigration into the US and added that Britain and Europe have a serious Muslim extremism problem. Because of this more than half a million people signed a petition calling for Trump to be barred from Britain. This now has to be debated in Parliament and doubtless all those MPs who rarely do much about problems they could deal with will grandstand their opposition to a foreign politician who doesn’t care what they think. In the last week we have been reminded that the British government not only doesn’t know who is coming into our country, but doesn’t even know who is leaving either. Still, it’s all fine so long as we divert ourselves by talking Trump. Perhaps this will be the European habit for some time to come. Perhaps it will finally do for us.
Millions of people whose identities and beliefs are unknown have been let into our continent. Many who have been here for a few years continue to present challenges which are by no means minimal. There seems to be a belief that so long as we have got Katie Hopkins, Donald Trump or Tommy Robinson to kick around then we can focus our energies on ignoring the problem.
Of course all one can do is warn. But it seems to me that, if we keep distracting ourselves from the problem and beating up on every response to it, then this continent of ours is going to go very bad, very fast.' 
Rest of Murray's article here

Oh, and by the way, I've come across an unpolitically correct gem of a video that puts the situation in a nutshell: "The fear to offend outweighs the will to survive".  It uses the mass assaults of German women as the peg on which to hang its warning about the bleak future facing Europe if things continue the way they are.  It makes uncomfortable viewing, but we ignore its inherent message at our peril.  Do take a look:


    Denmark wakes up - BBC report by Jenny Hill interviews more opposed to the wake up than support it though, no surprises there.

  2. Some of the Danes seem to be, Max, but not all.
    This chap's been wide awake for a long while. Good on him for his latest article:

  3. Shapiro is an interesting guy... and barely out of jammies.

    As much as he is a religious-political conservative, he's also an historian of American popular culture.

    That, in itself, is an exceedingly unusual combination.

  4. I did not realise that, Mike. Good result from the American Historical Association re BDS, eh?

  5. The last video is harsh, but does portend the future of Europe.

    It will get much worse before the progressive Westerners realize their approach is fundamentally flawed. Words will not change them, events will. The response will be much more ugly than it would have been with a less ideological approach.

    Repression of free expression drives warning voices into the streets, which will contribute to the chaos.

    Fortunately, America will be able to learn from the European failure. Americans have more common sense, too. The culture, however, must be flipped to accept our Western values as worthy of promotion.

    The road ahead will a long one, and the outcome is uncertain at best.

    1. One of the potentially worst repressers of free speech is the Online Hate Prevention Institute which is becoming increasingly dictatorial.