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Thursday, 5 January 2012

This Babe In The Wood Doesn't Deserve The Republican Party Nomination

It's five minutes to midnight as far as Iran's nuclear capability is concerned.  We live in a "Devil's Decade," as did the generation that saw Isolation and Appeasement met with inevitable aggression by crazed dictators.

Texan Republican "libertarian" presidential hopeful Ron Paul, no particular friend to Israel, and an apologist for Hamas, has taken a remarkably naive stance towards the Iranian threat.

As was said of the Hapsburgs, such people have "learned nothing and forgotten nothing".

Let's hope, then, that political pundits who seem to think that there is no chance whatever of Ron Paul (whose son defends him in the Jerusalem Post today) getting the Republican Party nomination are correct in their prediction.


  1. The guy has no chance of getting the nomination but that is not the point. The point is that it is appalling that he has got this far. There is something rotten in the state of the United States and that is really scary for us all.

    I have difficulty distinguishing the "libertarian" right from the far out lunatic left that I remember from my youth. They say the same things. They could be holding their meetings in the backroom of the Red and Black Bookshop in the seedy part of town if it wasn't for the haircuts and jobs. They are anarchists in suits.

  2. Could not disagree more. Ron Paul is the only candidate willing to obey the biblical command not to part God's land. He's the only one who will not fund, arm & train the Palestinians, Egyptian military, Saudis, UAE, Libya, Iraq, etc. He's the only one that will not embolden UN or other globalist institutions like the ICC, OIC, Alliance of Civilizations, etc. ALL of the other candidates hold to replacement theology--the idea that their church is either the New Israel (Catholicism) or that it is part of Israel (Mormonism), only Ron Paul (a Baptist, believing that Israel retains all her promised blessings) does not. I could go on, as this is only the tip of the iceberg, but my comments never post anyway, & I suspect this won't either ....

  3. This came through without a hitch, ER. I've checked the spam folder, and there's nothing of yours in it - it's completely empty.

  4. In principle, I have no problem with Ron Paul’s foreign policy, albeit I strongly disagree with him, particularly when it comes to the Middle East and Israel.

    However, I find his reasoning, naive, if not sheer stupidly; the man is not only clueless but he misleading his audience, deliberately, I suspect.

    Without enumerating all of his stupidities, he is wrong on facts thus, by definition, he is wrong on interpretations of the facts. Take his stand on Iran for example – Mr. Paul claims that there is no proof that Iran are developing nuclear weapon (huh?); he can believe in whatever he likes, but he goes on to base his foreign on Iran if no proof is a proof of “no” which defies all logic (the Left often use that tactics in their propaganda).

    A lack of proof IS NEVER a proof of the opposite! There is a saying in Hebrew that goes something like “go and prove that I don’t have a sister”; you can only prove that I do have a sister if you can find her, but if you cannot find her, it does not prove that that I don’t have one.

  5. I love that saying, Jacob, re not being able to prove a negative.

  6. hi daphne this is golemsbar, you uploaded my video on this post, check out my others you will find them interesting as well, including the one where Paul goes on PRESS TV and defends hamas and their tactics of terrorism, because Israel is keeping them in "concentration camps"

  7. Thanks very much, golemsbar. I will!