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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Petition To Reverse Palestine's Admission To UNESCO

Many readers will no doubt have seen the important article on the consequences of Palestine's admission to UNESCO that Sydney lawyer and international affairs analyst David Singer had as a guest columnist in an Israeli publication several days ago.  It augments earlier articles by him that I reproduced here and here

Readers may not, however, be aware that David Singer has drafted a petition
"to reverse UNESCO's illegal admission of Palestine without the required majority of 129 votes required by article II (2) of UNESCO's Constitution.
This decision has cost UNESCO the loss of at least $100 million per annum in American funding."
In answer to queries from me, David Singer explains:
'Petition will be presented to UNESCO 
The Executive Committee of UNESCO can recommend the resolution to admit Palestine be nullified since the required majority of 129 members was not obtained OR resolve to obtain an advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice as to the legality of Palestine's admission to UNESCO 
UNESCO should be concerned to ensure it acts at all times in accordance with its Constitution. Where there is any doubt then steps should be taken to remove such doubt. Nothing I have received from UNESCO to date has rebutted my claim.'
 The petition is available for signing here


  1. The UNESCO vote in favor of admitting Palestine as a member is simply representative of the opinions of UNESCO member states regarding the legitimate aspirations of Palestinian statehood. The Palestinian leadership recognizes Israel’s right to exist. The vast majority of UNESCO members recognize Palestine’s right to exist, why don’t Israel, the US, or the author of this blog? Palestine and Israel can negotiate for borders, but Palestine should not require permission from Israel or the US to exist as a state, this should not be up for negotiation.

  2. To Anonymous:
    For Palestine to be legally admitted to UNESCO the Constitution requires that:
    1. Palestine be a State - which requires it to comply with the four conditions laid down in customary international law as codified in the Montevideo Convention. The Executive Board of UNESCO refuse to release to me the basis on which they recommended Palestine be admitted as a member state of UNESCO - which recommendation is a condition precedent of the Constitution before any vote is taken.

    2. The Constitution also requires that 129 member states vote affirmatively for Palestine's admission. Only 107 did so.

    UNESCO can have its decision judicially reviewed and either confirmed or reversed by the International Court but refuses to consider taking this initiative. Why is UNESCO acting in this arrogant and high handed manner - when:

    1. questions as to the legality of the decision have been raised with UNESCO and UNESCO does not even respond to them
    2. the lives of scores of millions of people around the world are being affected each day as UNESCO struggles to deal with the loss of 22% of its budget as a result of its decision to admit Palestine