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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Jihad How It Is, Or How It Isn't?

The BBC, going well beyond its original remit (it has money to squander, of course, thanks to the mandatory licence fee it is permitted to expropriate from every household in Britain with a television set, and so is able to pursue various agendas to its heart's content), has something on its labyrinthine website called "Bitesize".  This is aimed at British teenagers who are revising for the secondary school examinations known as the GCSE.  In the section entitled "Religious Studies" there is a sub-section entitled "War and Peace".    That has a further sub-section entitled "Islam: attitudes towards fighting and warfare," which asserts:
"Islam is a religion of peace in which fighting and war are seen only as a last resorts....
 There are different levels of Jihad:
  • Jihad means ‘to struggle in the way of Allah’.
  • Greater Jihad is the way in which every Muslim makes a personal effort to follow the teachings of Allah (God) and to fight evil.
  • Lesser Jihad is when Muslims fight to protect their religion.
The idea of Jihad is often misunderstood by non-Muslims who then see Islam as not being a pacifist religion.
Muslims may fight in self-defence but are forbidden to begin a fight. The aim of fighting is to create a situation where Muslims are free to worship Allah and live in peace.
One aim of Holy War may be to create a democracy where people are free to live their lives without beliefs and politics being imposed on them. There must be no hatred or vengeance in the fighting. As soon as peace is offered, fighting must stop. Once peace has been restored the differences between people must be resolved...."

I don't normally mention Islam on this blog except when the context is directly relevant to Jews or Israel. But when I read something like the above, from the BBC, and then view something like the video below, which is new, and tells us something diametrically different, I ask myself who is (perhaps unwittingly) deceiving whom.

Is the man in the video a hopelessly out-of-touch bigot, or is the notoriously leftist Al Beeb, and perhaps the curriculum itself, feeding school students an apologetic interpretation, perhaps through wishful thinking? For if the man in the video is right, those students may one day be in for a rude awakening...


  1. It's too bad that RON PAUL is too clueless to understand Muslim Jihad, making him love Muslims and the Muslim World, and even willing to let Iran have the bomb. If elected president, he will likely preside over a new Pearl Harbor, only this time it will be by Muslims with nukes. Ron Paul is the DEVIL.

  2. The usual BBC babble. They will make good dhimmis.

  3. Three Stages of Jihad
    Great video thanks Daphne.

  4. The BBC has been well and truly infiltrated. The head of religious affairs is guess what, Muslim.
    A true PC appointment in the true fashion of this organisation.( I don't know if he is transgender and disabled also ). Can you imagine the selection process. And now the influence is starting to appear. Apparently it is justified to lie to infidels even if they are schoolkids.

  5. I think it all started to go pear-shaped with the infiltration of Marxists in the 1970s, Steve. Australia's ABC is little better.

    A depressing video, SG!

  6. Sorry to overllok you, TLW and Arius - Ron Paul sounds distinctly unappetising, and the BBC fell into dhimmitude eons ago!

  7. Depressing but succinct. It gets the point across which is exciting.