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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Mick Gets His Sporran in a Twist & Labour Pains Defame Zionism

See what Humphrys means!
Like retired newsreader Peter Sissons splendidly before him (in 2011, to be precise), BBC broadcaster John Humphrys, whose final presentation of the Today program on Radio 4 was last Thursday, has (in his serialised memoirs in the Daily Mail) slammed the leftwing bias of his longtime employer, likening Corporation bigwigs to "out-of-touch Kremlin commissars". 

Although he denies that a leftwing conspiracy exists, he recalls the sombre disbelieving mood at the BBC when Brexiteers won the 2016 Referendum, and he asserts that the BBC is takes care not to offend "fashionable pressure groups – usually from the liberal Left, the spiritual home of most bosses and staff".

Humphrys' choice of final Today program interviewees has had Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign chief getting his sporran in a twist:

And some of his camp followers too:

Now, regarding this, at Labour's party conference in Brighton, Chief Mick states:

To this kind of reception from some of his followers:

 And this kind of further comment from himself:

An aside by the estimable British international politics academic Dr James Vaughan:

 Also at the conference, a vile piece of defamation headed "A Racist Endeavour":
'Thousands of Labour members were handed a shocking pamphlet openly comparing Israel to Adolf Hitler's Nazis ahead of a debate on Palestine ...
An article on the front page of the booklet by Hampstead and Kilburn Labour Party official Moshe Machover stated it was a "well established fact" that "Israel is a racist state."
See Gnasher Jew's thread HERE
The same piece - which calls for the "de-Zionisation of Israel" - then makes a clear attempt to link Israel with Nazism by selectively quoting from academic sources.
.... Mr Machover writes that some of the "harshest condemnation of Israel's racism" were "recognised experts on the history of fascism and Nazism."
He then writes of what he calls a "shocking comparison with Nazism" made by Hebrew University Professor Zeev Sternhell of statements made in Israel's Knesset by two right-wing politicians.
Continuing this theme, Mr Machover, who successfully fought expulsion for Labour over his links to the Communist Party of Great Britain, refers to a 2017 article by Professor Daniel Blatman, who wrote that the "deputy speaker Bezalel Smotrich's admirations for the biblical genocidaire Joshua bin Nun leads him to adopt the values that resemble those of the German SS."
Tel Aviv-born Mr Machover has a previous history of using academic quotes, particularly from Israel, to support his extreme anti-Zionist position.
He concludes by writing: "Uprooting colonialist racism requires a change of regime, decolonisation - which in the case of Israel means de-Zionisation."
Labour delegates debated a motion on Palestine during Tuesday afternoon's session at conference.
During the debate, one member of the pro-Corbyn Jewish Voice For Labour group was loudly cheered as she claimed she was speaking for Jews who had never experienced antisemitism.
Vanessa Stilwell, of Dulwich and West Norwood CLP, said Jeremy Corbyn was "the most anti-racist leader this party has ever had".
Referring to the situation in Gaza, the Labour activist stumbled as she attempted to detail allegations of Israeli attacks in Gaza.
Ms Stilwell is the wife of Glyn Secker - the Labour activist suspended over his 'Jews in the gutter' speech at a Palestine demo, which was exposed by the J[ewish] C[hronicle] in May.
But despite a few cries of 'Free Palestine' from the stage, the debate was largely overshadowed by the continuing divisions over the party's position on Brexit.
In her keynote speech, Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, accused Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu of trying to create an "apartheid state" in Israel.
She also referred to the crisis in Gaza - but appeared to make a deliberate effort to stop too much focus on Israel/Palestine in a more general speech about Labour internationalism.'
 Let's leave tireless Corbynista-watcher Gillian Lazarus with the last word on this odious muck:

But on the Labour Jew-baiting David Collier's latest article is a must-read.

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  1. I'm a pro-Israel activist based in Sheffield. I appreciate so much your article on Sheffield, 'Anti-Israel Shenanegans in (and out of) Steel City' (21 July, 2019), like your other writing on this blog. I'll be posting a comment after your article on Sheffield. The comment here is about one specific matter - the incompetence of Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East (LFPME), whose members include Jeremy Corbyn.

    The LFPME Website claims, on the page
    that 'Currently, 131 MPs support our work in Parliament' and gives information about the MPs.

    The MP's on the Website's current membership list include Michael Meacher, constituency, Oldham West and Royton. But Michael Meacher isn't currently an MP. He died in 2015!

    Simon Danczuk, suspended by the Labour Party in 2015 after sending explicit messages to a 17-year old girl, banned by Labour from standing as a Labour Candidate, replaced as MP for Rochdale by Anthony Lloyd in 2017 is claimed to be the current MP for Rochdale, the MP for Rochdale who supports Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East!

    Other people falsely claimed by Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East to be currently MP's and supporting the organization (they may support the aims and objectives of the organization to a greater or lesser extent but they aren't MP's):

    Sadiq Khan (Tooting.) Left parliament in 2016 to become Mayor of London
    Steve Rotheram (Liverpool Walton). Left Parliament in 2017 to become Metro Mayor of Liverpool City Region.
    Andy Burnham (Leigh.) Left Parliament in 2017 to become Mayor of Manchester.

    These six people on the LFPME membership list also left Parliament in 2017. Again, the claim that they are current parliamentary supporters is false.
    David Winnick (Walsall North).
    Fiona Mactaggart (Slough).
    Gisela Stuart (Birmingham Edgbaston).
    Ian Wright (Hartlepool).
    Jim Dowd (Lewisham West and Penge).
    Rob Marris (Wolverhampton South West).

    False claims have stayed on the LFPME Website for years without anybody at LFPME noticing. None of the MP's on the list seem to  have noticed. You would have thought that some of them at least would have looked at the list to find out about changes - who had joined, who had left. Lisa Nandy, the new chair of LFPME, obviously hasn't noticed.  You would have thought that a good look at the Website was an absolute necessity when she took over. Her mind was on other things, it seems, such as Website Cosmetics - making sure that the introductory loop which contains the film of her and other LFPME celebrities looked good, making sure that the list of parliamentary supporters looked good, whilst neglecting factual accuracy - and, of course, neglecting the massive amount of argument and evidence in favour of Israel.


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