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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Sunday, 1 September 2019

In Sunny Surrey, Israel-Haters Strut Their Stuff (video)

What a spring in their step demonstrating against Israel seems to give the not-so-young.  I've noticed this rather sinister rejuvenation at a number of anti-Israel rallies.

And here they are again, the pro-BDS, pro-"Right of Return" (mainly) old dears of the Richmond and Kingston Palestine Solidarity Campaign branch, devoting yesterday (a sunny Saturday) to attempting to poison shoppers' minds against the Jewish State with the universal Israel-haters' customary lies, damned lies and statistics.

As we've seen before, most of the shoppers just stroll on by.

Still, the old dears (I wonder how many are Corbynistas: this is Jenny Tonge's neck of the woods, you know, and the banner photo atop this PSC's Facebook page proves it) do manage to buttonhole a few of the naive or curious.

As I've observed before, I wonder what pastimes these retired denizens of leafy suburban London would be pursuing, had not an animus against the country of da Joos captured them in their declining years.

Or have they been anti-"Zionists" all along?

 (A Seymour Alexander/Alex Seymour video)


  1. Daniel Greenfield said:

    “The Democrats have made it clear that
    if they win the presidential election, they
    will restore the flow of cash to the terrorists.”

    SOURCE: Loyal and Disloyal Jews
    by Daniel Greenfield, 2019 September 1

  2. Jonathan S. Tobin
    (editor in chief of JNS dot org) said:

    “The Palestinians are still the prisoners of a mindset that causes them to refuse to accept the legitimacy of a Jewish state, no matter where its borders are drawn.”

    SOURCE: Will a secular surge
    spark a revolution in Israeli politics
    by Jonathan S. Tobin, 2019 June 5

  3. Jonathan S. Tobin
    [editor in chief of JNS dot org] said:

    “When a newspaper like the [New York] Times focuses attention on the indiscreet tweets of others, hey call it journalism.

    However, when someone else uses the same methods gainst the press, including revelations about anti-Semitic omments, the [New York] Times thinks it’s unfair.”

    Insect analogies and making journalists
    by Jonathan S. Tobin, 2019 August 28

  4. Caroline Glick said:

    “The [New York] Times’ willingness to disseminate pro-Hezbollah propaganda may have represented a new low in its advocacy for terror groups. But arguably, the [New York] Times’ decision to champion the most powerful non-state actor in the world — with one of the world’s largest missile arsenals, all pointing at Israel — is not the worst aspect of its coverage.”

    “What may be worse is the [New York] Times’ campaign to effectively disenfranchise American Jews. The paper undertakes this campaign by using its pages to legitimize anti-Semitism emanating from the Left, delegitimize friends of Jews on the political Right, and shame American Jews who stubbornly refuse to abandon Israel, or turn their back on Israel’s friends. These American Jews also impertinently notice the galloping Jew hatred on the political Left.”

    “”This move by the [New York] Times is more dangerous because it is more difficult to criticize. It is easy to spot apologetics for terrorism. It is harder, and more controversial, to call the [New York] Times out for manipulating American Jews in the service of Left-wing anti-Semites.”

    The New York Times’ war against Israel and the Jews who support it, Caroline Glick, 01/13/2019

  5. ************************************************

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    www (dot) TheLawFareProject (dot) org


    www (dot) AntiSemitismTaskForce (dot) org


    www (dot) israelbonds (dot) com/Home (dot) aspx


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  6. What Palestinians DON'T Want YOU to Know

    by Hananya Naftali:


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