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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Olde Tyme Preachers Spreading Christmas Cheer (videos)

All last month, in chronological order.

To quote the uploader, MEMRI TV:
'Sheikh 'Alaa Al-Musawi, who is the head of the Shiite Islamic Endowments in Iraq, said during a sermon that was uploaded to the Internet on December 25 that the non-Muslim monotheistic traditions and holidays, such as Christianity and Christmas, have been completely distorted, and that Jesus was not born on January 1 as the Christians claim. He also criticized Christians for participating in depraved acts such as drinking alcohol, singing, and mixing of the sexes during Christmas celebrations. He further criticized Muslims who have been influenced by these "shameless and corrupt" celebrations and who imitate the West by buying trees and toys.'
Another cheery chap, a Canadian:

MEMRI explains:
'During a sermon delivered at the Muslim Youth of Victoria in British Columbia, Sheikh Younus Kathrada said that Muslims must be offended when people worship Jesus. He explained that congratulating non-Muslims on Christmas and other " false festivals" is tantamount to approving of them, and that it is a far greater sin than murder, adultery, and other major sins. At the end of the sermon, Sheikh Kathrada stressed that he never calls to kill non-Muslims, who should be treated justly. The sermon was uploaded to Muslim Youth of Victoria's YouTube channel on December 23, 2018. Sheikh Younus Kathrada was born in South Africa, studied in Medina, and is currently based in British Columbia. He is affiliated with the Vancouver-based Al-Madinah Islamic Society.'
More cheer:

 To quote MEMRI:
"Norway-based Jihadi scholar Mullah Fateh Krekar, who is the former leader of the Kurdish Sunni Jihadi group Ansar Al-Islam, was interviewed on NRT TV (Iraqi Kurdistan). He said that it should not be seen as out of the ordinary if a group like Al-Qaeda or ISIS loses its foothold in a territory it used to hold, because even if these specific organizations disappear, other groups with the same ideology will emerge to replace them. He said that this is because the Quran, the Sunnah, and the hadiths about Jihad are permanent, and because future generations will continue to grow up learning from these sources. He said that another group with the same ideas as ISIS will emerge in Iraq because the Iraqi Sunnis continue to have their rights trampled. The interview aired on December 20, 2018."
(Also from MEMRI, a brainwashed Lebanese child chess prodigy shyly tells his puppeteers why he won't play an Israeli.)

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