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Thursday, 23 June 2016

In Britain, A Cult of Saints with Feet of Clay

A Yorkshire councillor has been suspended after making a sickening comment relating to a fund opened in memory of  murdered MP Jo Cox.

It's true, however, that  Mrs Cox's murder is being used as a tool with which leftist elements in the "Remain" camp are beating outspoken supporters of Brexit, tarring them with the brush of hate and extremism and portraying them as almost beyond the political pale.

(Predictably, antisemites such as this fellow, followed avidly by certain members of the PSC, have also swung behind this outlook.)

They must not be permitted to suppress debate (Brendan O'Neill warned about that sort of thing here.)
Now the ABC (Australia's answer to the BBC, and just as odiously leftist) is getting into the act.  Consider this ABC Lateline item, for instance, with its cherry-picked images and its emphasis on the case against Britain leaving the EU interwoven with its linkage to Mrs Cox's murder:
'A divided Briton [sic!] will soon vote in a referendum on the nation's European Union membership under a cloud of grief for murdered politician Jo Cox.
Polls are on a knife-edge, with final campaigning underway for the vote that could see the UK leave the EU after 43 years.The deputy leader of the UK's Labour Party, Tom Watson, told Lateline the murder of his colleague and pro-EU politician Ms Cox is on everyone's minds, though he was unsure if it would affect the outcome.
From BBC
"Whatever happens on the result we're going to end up a more divided nation as a result of this debate and we're going to have to do a lot of healing and understanding," he said."We've had more sombre campaigning this week, so I think there'll be more cooler heads when it comes to referendum day [on Thursday local time] but I'm not sure it will affect the outcome or not."Mr Watson said the murder and the Brexit debate had highlighted the need for a more patient and kinder political culture....
Ms Cox was shot and stabbed to death in Leeds in England's north last Thursday, in an attack her husband said was politically motivated.Overnight, her family was to mark what would have been her 42nd birthday with an emotional river tribute and a rally in London.The commemoration in the city's central Trafalgar Square was set to include Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, with similar events to take place later in cities around the world, among them Beirut, Nairobi, New York and Paris.'
The atmosphere seems to be such that there is a growing cult of Mrs Cox, against which it is heresy to speak.

Mrs Cox, dare it be said, was for all her evident goodness of heart no more a saint than the rest of us.  A former Oxfam employee, she was an anti-Israel activist close to the PSC and other anti-Israel groups, something that even  some of my Anglo-Jewish friends with a deep interest in Israel's welfare have been unaware of, since it has been all but omitted from the mainstream media, including the Jewish media.

 Mrs Cox's widower Brendan, who of course deserves profound sympathy in his loss, and is also becoming part of the cult, is also a leftist activist who has been involved with NGOs unfriendly to Israel.

(Hat tip: Nathan of Plaza)

As for Brexit:

Onya, Boris!


  1. Nathan of Plaza23 June 2016 at 23:09

    it's worse than you think Daphne, see Annie Dieu le Vert --

  2. Silly women loving the enemies who'd rape and kill them.


  4. I guess a divided Briton would have voted leave with his left hand and stay with his right.

  5. Hi, Geoff and Geoff, sure is good news about Brexit.

    1. Indeed. And a major surprise.
      I'm certain they have done the right thing including the economics.

      "Fortress Europe" was never good for Britain. A confident country is a wealthy country.


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