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Monday, 20 June 2016

Aussie Greens' Policy Imperils Israel (video) & Greens Candidate Digs at Danby's "Duality"

In the lead-up to the imminent Australian federal election (2 July), the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network sent questionnaires to candidates soliciting their attitudes towards Israel and Palestine.

Australian Greens member for Melbourne Adam Bandt (who used to be the Greens' deputy leader under former leader Senator Christine Milne, predecessor to Richard Di Natale) was among those who answered with alacrity, and with the answers APAN hoped to hear.

But there can have been no surprise, given Bandt's and his party's form on the subject.

Nor can there have been surprise at the alacrity with which he agreed to take part in an APAN forum, at which Sophie Ismail, Labor candidate for Melbourne, spoke.

Here's a video showing how dangerous Adam Bandt and the Greens are: frankly, any supporter of Israel who votes for the Greens in the forthcoming election needs his or her head examined.

To quote the uploader, Richard Livingwood:

APAN hosted Australian Greens MP Adam Bandt and Labor Member for Melbourne Sophie Ismail on 13/6/16 for a 1.5 hour discussion on "Palestine & Israel: Adopting a Just Position".

I selected what I believe are the most consequential quotes from Adam. Please be aware that I have cut and pasted these from this discussion and if that has caused them to be misconstrued it is not my intention, in fact I went to great lengths to ensure the quotes were left as they were said as much as possible for a short video.

As the 2016 Federal Election is coming up, I believe that this topic is of great interest to many Australians and they may benefit from understanding more about the stances of our politicians before voting.

I have also annotated this video in parts where I have found information that contradicts their statements as well as where it supports them. I have tried to use sources that are objective as possible knowing full well this is a very contentious topic. Following are the links to the sources referenced in this video.

Australian Greens Resolution Israel/Palestine:

Adam Bandt MP for Melbourne Arms to Gaza Conflict

Hamas Charter:

UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

UN Relief Works Agency for Palestinians in the Near East (UNRWA)

2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict

Hamas rocket launch pad revealed near Gaza homes

A further reason to shun the Greens, as sitting federal Labor member for Melbourne Ports Michael Danby, staunch friend of Israel, reminds us ahead of the fight for his seat:

 He has "gone rogue"?!

What does Ms Hodgins-May mean by "duality"?

(Article she links to is here)


  1. Richard Livingwood has done an outstanding job with that video.

    The Greens are hostile to Israel.

    We know for certain there can be only one reason for this and surely there is no one left who honestly believes it has anything to do with the "Occupation".

    1. Yep. I guess we'd be green not to know it, Geoff!

  2. Joe in Australia20 June 2016 at 21:18

    Daphne, the last link (to Hodgins-May's "duality" comment) doesn't work.

    1. Thanks, Joe. Will see if I can fix it!


  3. Former CIA officer Brian Dean Wright said:
    Stop calling Islam a ‘religion of peace’


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