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Saturday, 26 December 2015

The BBC & the ABC's Sophie McNeill Have Themselves A Merry Little Christmas

It hasn't been half as blatant as this, when the BBC cribbed what its ideological stable mate wrote the year before

But it's Yuletide, and that gives the Corporation an opportunity as golden as the wise men's guiding star to have a go or five at Israel.  Just as its ideological stable mate The Guardian does each Christmas Eve too.

The Christmas story, with its cast of supporting characters, has again given the BBC (step forward Yolande Knell and Co.) the chance to spin some anti-Israel propaganda lite via a series of specially made videos with modern residents of Bethlehem standing in for those in the familiar narrative.

The people selected are no doubt good and worthy individuals, but it is the propagandistic use to which the BBC intentionally puts the interviews that sticks in the craw like a swallowed sixpence from a traditional Christmas pudding.

The propaganda shows this year in the interview with the "shepherd" and the "wise man" where the BBC has fun with its "Israel says" that comes up on screen.  It's as if to tell the audience: "Nudge, wink, well they would say that, but we don't believe them, do we?"

The interview with the shepherd is hardly balanced, with its male reporter saying: "Look how much injustice and grievance there has been on this land"...

It would be wrong to claim that the BBC never draws attention to the plight of persecuted Christians around the world.

But it seldom does so.

Yet, by contrast, it never misses an opportunity, at this time of the year, to air the grievances, real and imagined, of Christians in Bethlehem, because that provides as much fodder as Joseph's donkey could eat for a week in providing nourishment for the Israel-bashing cause.

Of course, the plight of Christians suffering from manifestations of Islamic supremacy in the West Bank and Gaza is never going to feature in these Yuletide messages by the BBC.

Strange, isn't it, how the leftist Al Beeb permits all sorts of blasphemy and scorn on its airwaves against Christians and Christianity, yet gets all teary-eyed and sanctimonious about Christians (in the Holy Land, that is) when 24 December rolls around?

Meanwhile, the ABC's Sophie McNeill, a pro-Palestinian activist by background and inclination, joins in the festivities:

This excellent article by Michael Danby is what the lady's referring to; good onya, Mr Danby!

More current McNeillisms:

No wonder this woman, who, just like the BBC reporters, is bound by her employer's Charter to be objective but isn't, has her detractors!

Now that the ABC has named a successor to outgoing head honcho Mark Scott (defending her here)  Ms McNeill must no longer be able to get away with her outrageous bias.


  1. BBC Watch on the BBC's Christmas mischief:


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