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Thursday 24 December 2015

Hat On, Gloves Off: A London anti-Israel activist's antisemitic rant

Anyone who has looked regularly at MrAlexSeymour's YouTube channel will probably be aware of a pretty lady with a penchant for pretty headgear.

The lady in question is hardly going to be mistaken for an admirer of Israel.

 She sometimes appears in the videos he makes and posts that show
not-so-pretty demos in London demonising Israel.

Here are a couple of stills from his videos in which the pretty lady strikes a charming pose while surrounded by some decidedly non-charming placards.

 Recollect her now?

Well, anyway, this past week (hat tip no pun intended Reader P) the lady has been posting, as is her right and her wont, on social media.

In the process of revealing the various bees under her bonnet she has unwittingly bought in to that perennial chestnut about a "Palestinian" football team that played in Australia in 1939, the team which, as I've blogged a few times (including here), was an initiative of the Yishuv under the Mandate, the team consisting entirely of Jews:

That just evokes a small sigh and a giggle.  But look at what else the pretty lady posted on Facebook the same day.  The "anti-Zionist"/"pro-Palestinian" brigade are normally so very careful to deny that they are antisemitic.  Yet the lady, with this message, pulls no punches:

Despite (or perhaps because of) the antisemitism inherent in that post, it's now got 45 "Likes" (ten more than when Reader P screenshot it and sent it to me.

Among those who have "liked" it is the person who has since posted the following filth on the pretty lady's Facebook wall:

Also posted to that wall is ordure such as this:

Sad to say, such examples of dung have their "Like" button pressers.

It is certainly instructive to discover what "anti-Zionists" really think ...


  1. The fact that these dregs are antisemitic is a surprise to you?

    1. It's satisfying to receive the confirmation from their own mouths.

  2. 'If bigots want to advertise how bigoted they are let them'

    1. I rather agree with that sentiment, Hard Yakka. Let them show their true colours.

    2. Yeah but don't feed the trolls like the asshole below.


  3. Delusional Daphne, one does not become untouchable because of their self-chosenite status. U really have too much time on ur hands highly strung neurotic supporter of genocide and playing the victim. If anyone hates anyone its the european yiddish jews (such as urself no doubt) who went to Palestine NOT TO ASSIMILATE but dispossess the country of Palestine from its native GOYIM. You did/do the crime now face the punishment from HUMAN BEINGS. Clearly are not part of the human race. You dont get a carte blanche to do decades of crimes against humanity because of ur supposed persuasion - which by looking at ur disgusting blog supporting massacres/ethnic cleansing/land theft of a mass scale/plunder of a mass scale proves u to be some sort of satanic blood libel worship. Fascist zionist witch.

    1. Out of your own mouth (as it were) you have condemned yourself as an antisemite.

    2. I see your web site has zero members! Hope you had a lonely Xmas Day......

    3. Didn't leave my attic all day. Just me, my iPad, and half a packet of cream crackers.

      (Sorry, Hard Yakka, couldn't resist. Will take your advice in future!)

  4. Palestinian gentiles who you clearly are an apologist for their genocide - are semites. You white trash occupying their land are free loading sociopaths. You are an immaterial waste of human tissue who is ACTUALLY A MAN hiding behind a persona. What a cowardly limp wristed yiddish slum dog self chosen scum you are.

  5. This is to remind you to take your medication...we're worried about you.

  6. Okay, trolls. You've had your "fun". No more antisemitic nonsense from you will be posted in these Comments. As for the accusation that I'm a bloke, all I can say is: not with these Double D cups!


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