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Sunday, 11 October 2015

"They Aren't Human Shields, They Are Human Sacrifices ... There Is No Moral Equivalence Between Hamas & The IDF" (video)

This video was posted to the internet well over a year ago, in August 2014.  But I've only just got around to viewing it.  It really is outstanding.  And in view of such nastyness as trotted out last week by a not-so-Nice guy at London's Gresham College (and this lecture coming up there soon) it's as relevant as ever it was.

The brief description by the uploaders, which I've copied and pasted below, simply cannot adequately convey how fine a speaker Britain's Colonel Richard Kemp is, how firm his grasp of military history, how compelling his expertise, and how absolutely justified his contention that the IDF's behaviour is exemplary among armed forces anywhere in the world.

The talk, which includes a pertinent description of bombing raids on a German armaments facility undertaken on Churchill's orders by the RAF to protect the lives of British civilians during the Second World War,  and an explanation of what the military concept of "proportionality" actually entails, proves clearly, as he says, that Israel has not committed "war crimes".

Stressing that, from personal experience of the force and its members, he knows that the IDF's actions are rooted in Judaic values and a citizen-army's abhorrence at harming innocent civilians, he laments the international media's acceptance of casualty figures known to be falsified by Hamas and given out by the UN.

He also laments the cynical effrontery of Obama, Cameron and Ban-Ki Moon in observing that Israel should do more to minimise casualties when they know full well that Israel is already doing everything possible that can be done in that regard.

As for "human shields" they should in fact be termed "human sacrifices" since that is what they are, all part of that war for public opinion, for that propaganda victory, which is Hamas's aim.

Address hosted by StandWithUs and Shivtei Yisrael synagogue in Ra'anana, Israel. Former Commander of British Forces in Afghanistan, Col. Richard Kemp has a distinguished military career and is an expert in counter-terrorism. Col. Kemp spent significant time in Israel during the IDF's defensive campaign against Hamas terrorists in Gaza, "Protective Edge".


  1. Spread this far and wide
    This Is how the Palestinians Raise their Children
    In the past weeks, Israelis suffer from hundreds of terror attacks: stab attacks, firebombs, rock-throwing - all as the outcome of ongoing Palestinian incitement on social media and TV. Imagine if this was you. Imagine if this was happening somewhere else. IMAGINE.

  2. Bravo! Great speaker, great message. So nice to hear!


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