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Monday, 5 October 2015

Fatal Frightful Friday: Chunder Down Under

If anything more than another brings home to us the utter moral bankruptcy of the Left when faced with the terror threat from "radicalised [next, salient adjective conspicuous by its absence] youth" it must be this observation, at left, by the Aussie conservative columnist Tim Blair.

And as always fellow conservative columnist Andrew Bolt has wet left-liberal mealy-mouthedness and pandering to unjustified narratives of victimhood in his sights.

See the video below (a real corker) from his Sunday TV show, in which he contrasts Malcolm Turnbull's "new sensitive language" with the tougher language employed by Tony Abbott.

According to Channel Seven, the 15-year-old Islamic boy who shot police accountant Mr Curtis Cheng to death attended a meeting of the extremist organisation Hizb-ut Tahrir shortly before the fatal deed.

But the head of that organisation refuses to answer reporters' questions relating to that allegation.

Below, brief footage of a Hizb ut-Tahrir rally in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba yesterday.  I believe that there were banners demonising Israel, but don't see them in this footage.  Keep an eye out for Channel Nine footage, which may show more.

Meanwhile, as we learn here, another Islamic extremist group has been out and about on the weekend:
'An extremist Muslim group held a conference at a Melbourne university over the weekend as the country reels from the shooting of a NSW police worker by a radicalised teenager.
Just a day after Friday’s fatal shooting, a controversial conference organised by fundamentalist Islamic group, the Islamic Research and Educational Academy, was held at Deakin University, The Australian reports.
The IREA’s two-day workshops were based on the teachings of Islamic scholars who have recommended the death penalty for homosexuals and apostates, promoted terrorism and preached hatred of Jews and Christians and violence against women.
Media gathered at Deakin’s Burwood campus on Sunday, but the IREA says on its Facebook page they were not allowed inside the venue as “the event was pre-registered”.
The event, dubbed ‘The Art of Da’wah’, was hosted by the ultraconservative Salafist organisation’s president Waseem Razvi....' [Emphasis added]


  1. I was disgusted by SBS's biased report tonight. I'm sending it to Honest Reporting.
    Israel is threatening to launch new military operations against Palestinians
    Israel is threatening to launch new military operations against Palestinians. Four people were killed in weekend attacks in Jerusalem. Palestinians have now been barred from the Old City. It's prompted fresh clashes - just days after the Israeli Prime Minister used his UN speech to call for immediate peace talks.


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