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Wednesday 16 September 2015

ABC, BBC, Both Biased On Asylum

I've been catching up with the most recent posts on one of the websites I most admire, the rhetorically-titled Is the BBC Biased?, and note the number of times the authors have had reason to draw our attention to the outrageous leftist propaganda that the BBC, despite its obligations to be objective, in reporting, is pushing regarding the current migration crisis facing Europe.

See this, for example, and this, and this

No wonder this video (featuring exasperated Britons, fearful and furious at what now seems like a Third World invasion of their Continent and existential threat to its way of life) berating the egregious BBC radio host Stephen Nolan, has gone viral; all Nolan could do in response was to insult them, thus underlining what one of them calls the "guilt trip" foisted on the public by such types as he:

Typifying the biased agenda foisted onto the public by the British national broadcaster are the reports by funereal-toned Fergal Keane that feature on the BBC's website, in which contempt for European civilisation and the Europeans who wish to preserve it is not far from the surface.  It's the same leftist mindset that regards everything the British Empire ever achieved as inherently evil.

A mindset that believes that the "victims" of "imperialism" are entitled to grab whatever they can:

This week, in a typically sharp and robust piece, Australian conservative columnist Andrew Bolt complained that the ABC's Paul Barry has twisted and traduced what Bolt wrote here:
"I argued that the tragic picture of drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi did not show what most of the media claimed - a refugee fleeing death in Syria. 
The picture was more complicated, I said. The boy’s family had actually lived in Turkey in safety for three years, and a key part of the father’s decision to go to Europe was to have his teeth fixed. 
Paul Barry of [the ABC's] Media Watch is angry with this dissent, and last night tried to dismiss it in ways I think are deeply misleading"
But it's not only Paul Barry who has taken pot shots at Bolt.  It would appear that the woman dubbed "La Trioli" has made a (subtle) dig at Bolt too.

Although ABC reporters and presenters are obligated, like their BBC counterparts, to be objective, this obligation is honoured more in the breach than in the observance.  Virginia Trioli, the very handsomely paid co-host of ABC News Breakfast and ABC News 24, has a weekly column in a publication called The Weekly Review, which is delivered free to mailboxes.

I don't know whether Ms Trioli's column is similarly gratis but I do know that she's free with her views, as befits a column titled "Mouthing Off".  In the current issue of the giveaway paper she  "seeks understanding" for "asylum seekers" (yes, for the ABC all of the seething mass of Third World humanity desperate to enter the West are, it seems, genuine "asylum seekers") by those who dismiss them as "economoc migrants".

The half-Italian Ms Trioli writes, inter alia:
"The story - and the distortions of that story - of the father of little Aylan Kurdi is instructive.... 
The journey of the contemporary asylum seeker is challenging to us because it does not take a straight line from, say, napalmed village in Vietnam to refugee boats to the Australian shore.  This route travels through countries of equally little hope - economically, socially - in search of a future.  It's similar to the journey my grandfather made before the outbreak of World War II.  First to America, then to Australia and then calling for his little family and first son to take a boat and join him...." 
As for the oft-made analogy between the plight of European Jewry in the 1930s and the situation of today's migratory Muslims, blogger Edgar Davidson has a graphic comment:

 (See more here)

A thought-provoking piece here

Update: Compare and contrast:



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  3. The Fankie Boyle quote and the Ezra Lavant video are extremely revealing. Incidentally in the UK it is Sky News which has been far worse than the BBC in its total propaganda and lies about what is happening with the refugees. Also thanks linking to my article.

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