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Thursday 11 December 2014

In Australia, Antisemitic Incidents Increase (video)

Jews have been in Australia since the first day of European settlement.  The highly assimilated Anglo-Jewish community, which a century ago was shrinking inexorably owing to apathy and intermarriage, was augmented in the immediate pre-war and post-war decades by immigration from Central and Eastern Europe, which revitalised Australian Jewry.  In the state of Victoria, with which this video is concerned, there is a particularly high percentage of Holocaust survivors' families, particularly of Polish background.  This community continues to be highly Zionist in orientation.  According to this ABC News report, antisemitic incidents are on the rise in Victoria, and have spiked since this summer's events in Gaza.

In today's The Australian, by the way, Australian Jewish News publisher Robert Magid has one of the robusly commonsensical articles for which he is known.  It's on the subject of the rush by the nations to recognise a Palestinian State and is behind a pay wall here.

Magid remarks, inter alia:
'[S]uppose that the Security Council did embrace the Palestinians and welcome them into the family of nations. What can we expect the morning after?....
[O]nce Palestine becomes a nation-state the PA’s first act would have to be to demand the withdrawal of Israeli forces from its now sovereign territory. Under threat of international sanctions, Israel would have to cede to the pressure. The inevitable consequence would be the overthrow of the PA by Hamas or another ­Islamist group....
[G]iven the potentially cataclysmic consequences of this scenario, what motivates the advocates of a Palestinian state and inspires them to welcome such a catastrophe? In the case of the Europeans, who willingly delivered their own Jewish citizens to the Nazi extermination machine, what motivates them to promote a policy that could lead to the death of the children of the ­survivors?
For those wishing, despite the paywall, to google the article, the exact title is "Disturbing State of Affairs" ;)


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