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Monday, 30 December 2013

More Regarding That Infamous Piccadilly Wall

Writes the estimable Raheem Kassam of Israel's security barrier:
'....As early as 2006 it was reported that since the fence’s erection, there was an approximate 90 percent decrease in the number of successful terror attacks registered. A drop of approximately 70 percent was also recorded in the number of casualties resulting from terror attacks.
But it is much easier to stand around a fake wall in London than convey the ultimate truths and realities of the situation on the ground in Israel and the West Bank. In fact, if “Bethlehem Unwrapped” campaign were being honest about the security fence, it would have erected just a metre or two of concrete, and a simple wire fence for the rest of their demonstration, because these are the real proportions of the make-up of the real security fence.
Just 10 percent of Israel’s “apartheid wall” is actually a wall, while the rest is a simple wire fence: a fact that you would not find out at the St. James’s Church demonstration....'
'....The “wall” that has been erected outside St. James’ Church is hopefully just a result of your own ignorance and generalisations concerning the complex situation here in the Middle East....' writes an Israeli victim of Islamic terror, a woman left for dead by her would-be murderers, but who survived, unlike her butchered friend (Kassam's must-read article provides the background).

Her words take the form of an Open Letter to the church authorities, and is a must-read in its entirety.

She says in part:
'The wall is cemented together by a superior theology that tells its people that G-d gave up on the Jews. This is the same theology that lies behind radical Islam. G-d tried the Jews, then the Christians, but ultimately it was the Muslims who He ultimately chose.
The wall, is just one brick in a global wall of an Islamist agenda, an agenda that will stop at nothing until the destruction of the Jewish State. To your own cultural detriment, it is a wall that obstructs truth and ultimately seeks not only to destroy Israel but every Judeo-Christian society.
The wall inflames an ancient conflict that for those like myself, who live in this region, long not for an exacerbation in hatred but for a quenching of hostilities.
The wall is an affront to Kristine Luken and other victims of terror who may well have been alive today had there have been a wall erected on the other 90 percent of land that separates us from our Palestinian neighbours.
The wall is an injustice to Christians living under Muslim despots. Ironically it is the State of Israel, that you deem pariah and unjust, that is unique in the Middle East because unlike all of our neighbours, our Christian population is flourishing and our Christians have full religious rights.Please write on your wall, under the cross, now obscured by the crescent…. “R.I.P Kristine Luken.”'
Read the entire piece here


Here, to a not-too-intrusive background of the tinkling of spoons and the clinking of coffee cups, Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev talks (audio only, I'm afraid!) to the incomparable Elder of Ziyon about the peril posed to Israel and other nations by Iran, prospects for peace, and what a Palestinian state should not resemble.

And here's Danny Ayalon (Israel needs many more natural communicators of his calibre) explaining, in language even a five-year-old should be able to comprehend, the truth about Palestine and about its Christians:

 Hat tip: reader Ian G of the  Almond Rod blog


  1. Daphne, have you seen this. Sizer's mentioned BTW.

    1. I greatly admire Prof MacEoine but hadn't seen it - thanks for bringing it to my attention, Miranda. I find it interesting that he says Sizer was "responsible" for the Wall. I'll paste the relevant bit here for future reference:
      Here it is:

      'An Anglican priest, Stephen Sizer, who was responsible for your wall, is a fanatic whom all Jews I know consider to be an anti-Semite, bringing back to modern churches a theology that we thought had been discarded. Supercessionism is just another way of saying that Christians are superior to Jews, that Jews have denied God and are destined to go to Hell. It is not a pleasant doctrine, and it shocks me that you make room for it.

      In an age when anti-Semitism is growing daily, when Jews are fleeing European countries, when calls to exterminate the Jews are easily found on the Internet, what on earth are you thinking, to dice so freely with the very forces you might otherwise despise. Why do terrorists win your sympathy more readily than Jewish children murdered in their beds? The Palestinians still freely quote the words of the 1967 Khartoum Declaration, ‘No peace with Israel, no negotiations with Israel, no recognition of Israel (as a Jewish state)’. Doesn’t that tell you how hard it has been for Israel to make a peace agreement? Why don’t you publicize that? It is Palestinian refusal that has blocked peace, not Israeli aggression. Why don’t you say so? Surely you believe in the truth and the virtue of speaking the truth. Why should well-meaning Christians let themselves be guided by hardline communists and anti-Semites? It seems altogether confused to me.'

  2. In one of the photos on Demotix a man looking at the disgusting daubings resembles Howard Jacobson. (Just sayin')

    1. Well, if it is him I hope he writes one of his great commentaries!

  3. As a Christian this just so disgusts and sickens me!! Are they evil or ignorant, and if ignorant, why dont they have the humility to listen and learn?! Do you know if this church has replied to any of the excellent e-mails etc sent to them? Profoundly, profoundly disgusted.

    1. Thank you, Colin.
      I have not heard of any responses. I've a hunch none will be forthcoming.


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