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Sunday 15 December 2013

In Sydney, A Motion Most Foul

The "Aussie Salute" (for the benefit of the uninitiated) is the swift sweeping gesture in front of the face frequently made on hot days Down Under by persons desperately attempting to ward off flies.

This picture shows a grinning trio making a salute outside the Sydney Jewish Museum that is definitely not the Aussie Salute.

Fun in the sun: a sinister new twist on an ugly old theme
While the arm motion made by this trio is undoubtedly inexplicable to most onlookers it appears that it is, as the Times of Israel explains here, an abominable racist gesture that has recently  caught on bigtime among Jew-haters in Europe.  It is the "quenelle signal," we're told,
'a neo-Nazi gesture, regarded by anti-Semitism researchers as a modern day Nazi salute, is rapidly spreading among anti-Semites in Europe and is being used by individuals to fly under the radar of strict anti-hate speech laws in parts of the continent.
The “quenelle” signal, extending one’s right hand toward the ground while the left hand grasps the shoulder, was devised by Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, a controversial French comedian who has been condemned in court several times for anti-Semitic remarks.
 Over the past two months, the trend has gained popularity, prompting hundreds of Europeans to post online pictures of themselves performing the “heil” like salute. Many of the images were taken at sensitive sites such as in the Auschwitz concentration camp, the Anne Frank House and even the Western Wall....'
The  photo that I've reproduced above is one of the truly shocking collection shown here which demonstrate the depths of depravity to which some people will sink in order to mock and vilify the Jews.

Update: see also here


  1. To me it resembles something you'd do if you were fisting a cow.

  2. Thanks for the post Daphne. Have you thought about e mailing the powers that be in the Jewish community with a written overview of the photos?
    The three young Jewish men and the guy saluting and being photographed with them disturbs me the most.

    1. As far as I'm aware, this is the only photo taken in Oz that's in the collection to which I linked. I assume that the people in this photo are European tourists, so such an email would be pointless. I would love it if someone stumbled across the photo and identified them, though!

  3. See also

  4. Perhaps it's time for all Friends of Zion to organise a 'Wear the Star of David Day'. On a date prearranged and well-publicised beforehand for at least a month to allow for the acquiring of the needful jewellery or clothing item, *all* who identify as Friends of Zion and support Israel's right to self-defence against the would-be-genocidal Jihad would don the Star of David in some visible form - whether as pendant, or badge, or Israeli flag T-shirt, whatever - and step out into the public square with it and display it all day long. Or perhaps not just for a day...for a whole week. It would be interesting to find out how many of us there are.


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