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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

On The BBC, Inaccurate Propaganda About "The Wall"

Israel-bashers in London, oblivious to all other "walls" worldwide
Over at BBC Watch, an excellent exposure of a disturbingly propagandistic and misleadingly mischievous recent BBC radio programme presented by Kate Adie  in which a German, Andreas Gebauer, paints an analogy between the Berlin Wall and Israel's defensive separation barrier:
'The synopsis to the World Service edition of the programme reads as follows:
 “A story of the divisions between people – and another of how they can begin to crumble. Seeing the “separation barrier” which separates Israeli from Palestinian settlements in the West Bank brings back childhood memories of Berlin’s Wall for Andreas Gebauer. The two were built for completely different reasons – yet their psychological impact can be oddly similar.”
The synopsis of the Radio 4 edition states:
“Andreas Gebauer finds parallels between Israel’s security barrier and the Berlin wall which he first saw as a young boy”.
Kate Adie’s introduction of the Radio 4 version begins thus:
“Israel this week released twenty-six Palestinian prisoners as part of a deal connected to the latest peace talks between the two sides. The Israeli prime minister has been telling his parliament he’s making a real effort to secure a peace deal with the Palestinians. Precisely what’s been discussed isn’t being revealed. The Palestinians are known to be concerned about the four hundred mile-long separation barrier Israel has built in the West Bank to prevent – it says – attacks being launched against its citizens. Seeing it has reminded Andreas Gebauer of another wall; the one that divided Berlin and his native Germany.”
In other words, rather than taking the opportunity provided by the recent release of convicted terrorists to impart some insight to BBC audiences as to how the families of their victims regard this event, the BBC chooses to use it as a hook upon which to hang yet another pernicious ‘opinion piece’ on one of Israel’s means of preventing exactly such acts of terror, promoting the meme of the ‘Berlin wall’ comparison so often employed by anti-Israel activists....'
Nothing, BBC Watch reveals, about the role and status of the separation barrier in saving the lives of Israeli citizens in the by preventing terrorist incursions into Israel.

I wonder how Gebauer (and Adie) feel about the structures featured in this rare acknowledgement (with photos) by the BBC of other "walls around the world"; of course, few Israel-bashers know or care that they exist, and the BBC is evidently not keen to remind us of their existence again.

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