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Monday, 18 November 2013

Brothers Up Front: Hizb ut-Tahrir accuses Australia of waging a war on Islam

Earlier this month, on 7 November, a debating panel at the St James Ethics Centre in Sydney on the topic "God and His Prophets should be protected from insult" included Uthman Badar, a representative of the Islamic extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which wants a worldwide Caliphate with sharia law for everyone.

As The Australian newspaper ("Top debate spot for Muslim hardliner") reported, Badar
'has called Australian Diggers in Afghanistan "fair game" whom Muslims had an obligation to attack.
The event will be sponsored by AMP, and recorded by the ABC. It will also be broadcast by the BBC.
Uthman Badar, who will take part in the IQ Squared debate put on by the St James Ethics Centre in Sydney, has also called on Muslim Australians to boycott Anzac Day because it celebrates British colonialist attempts to seize Muslim land from the Ottoman Empire.'
Banned in many countries, including Arab and Asian ones, but tolerated in Australia and the dear deluded old Motherland, Hizb ut-Tahrir has a history of antisemitism, the Australian Jewish News (8 November) citing as examples its calls for Israel to be "blown off the map" and for "Muslim armies" to "eradicate Israel and purify the earth of Jewish filth".

This blog has mentioned Hizb ut-Tahrir several times, to demonstrate its intemperate nature.

It's surely unconscionable that the St James Ethics Centre should provide a platform to Islamofascists of that kind.  (More on the debate in "God and His Prophets Should Be Protected From Insult" here)

As Vic Alhadeff, head of theNew South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies, said:
"This group and its various global affiliates trade in hate and stand for everything that is anathema to Australian values.  The best course of action is simply to stay away from this so-called debate.  Why give them a platform for their offensive positions?"
"The government is playing a dirty, dirty game .... The fundamental objective of these policies is to change Islam, to secularise Islam, to produce a so-called 'moderate Islam': a state-sanctioned version of Islam that is secular, politically impotent and localised ...."
Sisters at the back: News Limited photo
Alhadeff's words are underlined by remarks at the 600-strong Hizb ut-Tahrir conference in the Sydney suburb of Lidcombe, where a lengthy report was launched claiming that the Australian government via counter-terrorism initiatives and endeavours to wean youth away from radicalism is attempting to divide the Muslim community and undermine hardline Islamists by waging what Wassim Doureihi, Hizb ut-Tahrir's leader Down Under, called "a war on Islam":
"Know your rights.  When ASIO calls the simple message is that you open the door and slam it on their face....
Not only do you reject it [goverment funding for counter-terrorism and counter-extremism], you spit on it because it is money that will be the source of your demise.  It's not engagement, it's entrapment."
Read more from the brothers (and see what you can of the sisters) here


  1. Sydney demo: Uprising in the Muslim world 2011 [Jan 31 2011]

    15:50 Br. Wassim Doureihi @ 32.11

    To those who are before me today, to the Muslims in the West, to the Muslims in this country, I say to you that indeed are a part of this great ummah, let it be clear that you are not Australian, you are not British, you are not American, you are Muslim.

    Those who would divide you from the body of this ummah, let it be known that our allegiance is to Islam and Islam alone. That our support is to Muslims & to Muslims alone

    Let it be known that you are part of this great ummah & don’t believe anyone that will suggest otherwise

    We are not an ummah which will be content at the crumbs which are thrown at us.

    We are not an ummah which will be content at sharing the power.

    We are not an ummah which will be content to remain in a position of subjugation.

    We are not an ummah which will be confined to remain in artificial borders.

    We are not an ummah which will be content with sharing the power.

    We are not an ummah which will be content to accept the most vile rulers of mankind.

    We are the ummah of Mohamed etc. etc.

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