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Monday 24 June 2013

"Indescribably Sad": Falk's Foetid Fan

From Facebook a week ago (hat tip: reader P)
How indescribably sad it should be for  Richard Falk that he's so desperate for validation that he has to scrape the bottom of a little wood barrel in order to acknowledge the support of a crusader who writes in an online magazine that's eschewed, publicly at least, by the hierarchy of the UK's Palestine Solidarity Campaign owing to its reputation for antisemitism.

In the long article cited in the Facebook link pictured, British anti-Israel ranter Stuart Littlewood, whose absurd ravings not infrequently find ventilation in that rabid publication, observes inter alia:
"Vengeful Zio-schemers sharpen their knives....
And there are millions of us out here who are right behind Richard Falk because he stands for justice. We are not amused by indications that the official explanation of 9/11 doesn’t add up. Nor are we happy that it was used to sucker our own governments into sacrificing troops and treasure in unlawful, unwinnable wars that have caused mega-deaths and endless suffering to innocent civilians, trashed our good name abroad and made us vulnerable to reprisals at home.
And for what? Simply to advance the crazed ambitions of the US-Israeli Axis of Greed...."
Littlewood is on record as making such foetid statements as this:
"Jews and Judaism survived 1800 years without the land of Israel, and most of today’s Jews, I’m told, have no ancestral links to that land at all. And Jews seem to like it here in the UK. They are allowed to occupy the highest positions and even make our laws. They are not leaving in droves for a squatter home on stolen Palestinian land."
And this, which was apparently picked up by a neo-Nazi British organisation and which at least one Palestine Solidarity Campaign branch linked to on its website:
"The Jewish population in the UK is 280,000 or 0.46 per cent. There are 650 seats in the House of Commons so, as a proportion, Jewish entitlement is only three seats.
With 24 seats they are eight times over-represented. Which means, of course, that other groups must be under-represented, including Muslims.
The UK's Muslim population is 2.4 million or 3.93 per cent. Their proportional entitlement is 25 seats but they have only eight – a serious shortfall. If Muslims were over-represented to the same extent as the Jews (i.e. eight times) they’d have 200 seats.
Jewish over-representation is only part of our problem. An even bigger worry is the huge number of non-Jew Zionists that have stealthily infiltrated every level of political and institutional life.
....Too many pro-Israel MPs speak and act as if they would rather wave the Israeli flag than the Union Jack....
It is business as usual between Britain and the rogue state’s amoral thugs, as Sir Gerald Kaufman calls them.”
Sadly for Falk, however, Littlewood is a marginal figure, as ineffectual as veteran anti-Israel campaigner Alan Hart, whose recent tail-between-the-legs withdrawal from the active anti-Zionist fray has left Littlewood "indescribably sad".


  1. Re: proportions.
    Considering the Islamic nutjobs and racist Tony Blair appointed to the House of Lords, maybe try and elect people on their merits, it just might work.

    Falk isn't even pretending to be sane or civilized anymore. Here he is with truther muslim convert weirdo Barrett.
    10:20 onwards is totally insane.
    UN's Richard Falk & Truth Jihad's Kevin Barrett on "False Flag" 9/11 & Boston Marathon Attacks


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