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Sunday, 23 June 2013

In NSW, The Slimy Green Stain & Stench Of Antisemitism

"This is not about the revocation of an invitation.  It's about why those who claim to be supporting Palestinian rights consistently attract the enthusiastic support of people with an explicitly racist anti-Jewish agenda."

So, reasonably, declares Peter Wertheim, executive director of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, concerning the unconscionable flirtation of elements within the NSW Greens with the notorious German-born Australian Holocaust denier Dr Fredrick Toben (pictured, with an admirer of his, Lady Michele Renouf).

 As reported in The Australian newspaper:
'.... Dr Toben emailed Mr Shoebridge [Greens state parliamentarian and BDS crusader David Shoebridge] following an incident in March when upper house debate on a motion reporting on a study trip to Israel by a delegation of NSW parliamentarians, organised by the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, was hijacked by pro-Palestinian MPs to attack Israel.
Mr Shoebridge's office emailed Dr Toben a link to his speech on March 25.
"Many, many thanks, Mark – and all the very best to David – and I do hope there will not be a bending to Jewish pressure after this courageous stance!" Dr Toben said in a return email the same day.
"Definitely not," came a response from Mr Shoebridge's office two days later. [Emphasis added here and below]
Dr Toben was invited to the "Sail with us in solidarity" fundraiser organised by the NSW Parliamentary Friends of Palestine, co-chaired by Mr Shoebridge and Labor MLC Lynda Voltz, on April 3.
"There was never any intention to invite Mr Toben to the event," Mr Shoebridge said yesterday.
"Mr Toben was inadvertently invited to the event via an automated email. Once we realised who he was – namely a Holocaust denier – we withdrew the invitation and took immediate steps to ensure that he would not be contacted in any way in the future...."
Emails between Mr Shoebridge's office and Dr Toben show it took some time for the realisation to hit.
Dr Toben asked in an email on Monday, April 8: "Do you still have a spot for me on that harbor cruise? If so, then I shall book a return flight from Adelaide to Sydney and join the cruise on 2 May."
A response came the following day. "Hi Frederick. Yes there are still spaces available. It would be good to see you there. Mark for David."
On Wednesday, April 10, though, the invitation was withdrawn. "Hi Frederick, I'm afraid we're going to have to rescind our invitation to this event. I have been informed that, based on your past actions and views, your presence will likely offend a number of guests who we work with frequently. Apologies for any inconvenience. Mark for David."....'
As reported here,  unlike certain NSW colleagues Greens Party leader Senator Christine Milne, though expressing abhorrence for Toben's views on the Holocaust, has failed to condemn the invitation, while (the part-Jewish) NSW Greens senator Lee Rhiannon, who's been prominently linked to the BDS movement, has declined to comment.

For fuller coverage be sure to see also here and here (hat tip: reader Ian)

As an Australian editorial remarks following this latest incident:
"Understandably, some conclude that Israel is only collateral damage for the BDS movement. Its real target is the Jews."
 All the more reason for us to give a "thumbs up" to this video; (hat tip: reader Shirlee)


  1. One correction
    "Understandably, some conclude that Israel is only collateral damage for the BDS movement. Its real target is the Jews."
    Isn't a FOIWA comment it's directly from the Oz editorial.

    That isn't paywalled but the initial article from the 20th is.

  2. I suggest that a vote for the Greens (at any government level) is a vote for a new Jewish holocaust. Their Judenhass is not even disguised any longer and, while Lee Rhiannon's birth name is "Brown", a colour very reminiscent of a time we hoped never to see again, the attention seeking opportunistic Green senator with the hyphenated name has quite blatently and without shame nailed her colours to a certain mast a long time ago...come to think of it: Jew Hatred might be, if not a strict prerequisite for joining the Greens, so at least an advantage.

  3. Dear Daphne
    I don't see a contact email or anything so I will put the heads-up here. St John's Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane is about to host (opening 4 July, running 5 July -10 August) a photographic exhibition featuring photos purportedly taken by children who live in the two Palestinian Arab Muslim-dominated propaganda villages of Nabi Saleh (hometown of convicted jihad terrorist Ahlam Tamimi) and Al- Walaja. It's put together by somebody called Nicky Stafford and is called 'BE the difference: hope for kids in Palestine'. I haven't been able to find out much about Ms Stafford online, but the event is being plugged by 'Australian Friends of Palestine'. I think questions need to be asked about this exhibition and the Cathedral's hosting of it.

    1. Many thanks for the alert - will try to follow this up.

  4. "St John's Anglican Cathedral"

    I have been quite shocked by the anti-Semitism I have encountered among Anglicans here. Mind you, they don't even accept "Catholics" as "Christians". When I heard that the first time I thought it was a joke - the Author of "Forgiving Hitler" had been asked: "was your husband a Christian", she quite charmingly answered: "Oh no, he was a Catholic".


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