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Sunday, 11 March 2012

"I Think It's Politically Correct Jew-Hating": Jewish Student Slates Campus "Israel Apartheid Week"

The decision of the Students' Union at the University of Regina, in Canada, to boycott companies that support Israel, has been condemned by a couple of politicians, and a number of Jewish students are fighting back against it, including one who describes Israel Apartheid Week as "politically correct Jew-hating".  The university's president, who appears in the video, justifies the boycott decision, which the politicians had called on her to denounce.

On the same repellent and offensive "Israel Apartheid Week" theme, here's footage of a demo in Brisbane, Queensland, complete with red, green and black balloons, a woman in a black burka, and a wad of anti-Israel literature that's being handed out to young passers-by of various ethnicities/nationalities who appear to read it avidly:

Some Aussie readers may also be interested in this newly uploaded video, which I note here since it touches (fleetingly) on the possible consequences for Israel advocacy of mass Muslim immigration into Australia.  I cannot vouch for the accuracy, or otherwise, of certain of its contentions.


  1. I don't want to alarm you but Jew hate is in and of itself entirely acceptable. They dropped the pretense of worrying about being politically correct years ago. Websites like Huffington Post openly publish articles by holocaust deniers.

  2. There really is nothing politically correct regarding spreading lies about Jews and Israel. I understand "politically correct" is a buzz phrase for the right, but it sounds as silly as a left winger telling me that their definition of Zionism as ethnic supremacy. PC behavior is to not insult anybody through painstaking measures that absolutely kill languange in context and meaning. It is not a stand-alone phrase for things Right wingers do not like.

    Israel Apartheid Week is hatemongering bullshit, not plain Jane, vanilla tofutti.

  3. If only Australian politicians would speak out like this:

    Minister Kenney (Canada) issues statement on 'Israeli Apartheid Week'
    "The organizers of Israeli Apartheid Week use the cover of academic freedom to demonize and delegitimize the State of Israel. In reality, this week is nothing more than an unbalanced attempt to paint Israel and her supporters as racist. This week runs contrary to Canadian values of tolerance, mutual respect, and understanding.";jsessionid=ac1b105330d7f0cf92502bf44874b51ad6621f363c09.e38RbhaLb3qNe3aOci0?mthd=tp&

  4. Thanks for the comments so far.

    And thanks for that link, Ian.

  5. Thank you Daphne for posting on this blog! I support Israel and do not stand for the so called Israeli Apartheid. I am a recent graduate from the U of R and I am shocked that the University would so blindly support this thing without seeing both sides of the issue.

    1. I appreciate your comment, Kanyin. Best wishes to you.

  6. Thank you also Ian for that link; which I will put up on my blog.


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