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Sunday 13 February 2011

Hate with a Scottish Accent (more video footage of Ishmael Khaldi among the mob)

You may have seen the video footage of a mob at Edinburgh University preventing the Israeli diplomat Ishmael Khaldi speaking as scheduled (see

Well, here’s more video footage of the event, made by the triumphalist mob responsible. It begins with a glimpse of Mr Khaldi during an interview last year with David Frost.

This video shows a very patient Mr Khaldi explaining, in writing, that “There will never be peace with this anarchy,” as an old guy in a red parka blares abuse at him and the mob chants anti-Israel slogans.  Following remarkable forbearance Mr Khaldi, whose dignity contrasts sharply with the behaviour of the mob, unplugs the old guy’s microphone...

Notice the similarities with this incident that recently took place at Hampshire College, a private liberal arts college in Massachusetts, when a talk by an IDF soldier, Sergeant Benjamin Anthony, was disrupted by the anti-Israel brigade:


  1. Daphne, thank you for being a friend to Israel and for setting up this website. It can be lonely these days being a Jew and a Zionist, so it's comforting to know that Israel has good friends who can see through all the hate-filled rhetoric to the truth.
    David Lewis

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, David. A friend suggested that I set up this blog - would never hjave considered it but for his suggestion. I'd been a commenter on other blogs for years, and encountered a vicious anti-Israel cyber-stalker on one of them, which really opened my eyes to how repellent some of those "leftwing" haters are.

  3. I'm not in Scotland, Infidel - I am a big fan of Edinburgh, though (but not of that mob!)

  4. Thanks Daphne for posting this. I met Ishmael last year and had the pleasure of hearing him speak, it's a shame the students didn't give him a chance. As well as him telling us about his difficult background and how he worked his way from living in a tent to the diplomatic service, he was also critical about the Right of Return law. He wasn't just spouting Israeli government policy. His message was strongly things aren't perfect in Israel, as they aren't in other countries, but the society is progressive and working on the problems.
    If the students had acted with decorum, listened and waited until the end to seriously question him, we may have seen a different outcome.

    Meanwhile, seeing the hatred at the university, I pity Jewish students (and their families) who have to encounter this rabid anti-Semitism. What with rising student fees, no guaranteed job at the end, etc, this would really put me off of going to Uni.

  5. They're mindless totalitarians, it seems, Michelle - and so very sad and shameful that in a university environment of all things they won't tolerate the free exchange of ideas.
    I really feel for the Jewish/pro-Zionist students being amongst such a hateful rabble.


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