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Friday 25 February 2011

The BBC's Willful Blindness towards Antisemitism in the Arab Uprisings and the Jihadism of the Muslim Brotherhood

“The demonstrations have been largely peaceful – in Egypt, sometimes even good-natured,” declared BBC reporter Tim Whewell in a special edition of Newsnight last evening, focusing on the Arab uprisings.

 And so there was nothing in the programme about the brutal and sustained sexual assault on CBS correspondent Lara Logan while her attackers yelled “Jew! Jew!”.

 There was nothing about the antisemitic slogans defacing posters of Mubarak (and, incidentlly, of the supposedly part-Jewish Gaddafi:

And there was nothing about the exhortations to Jihad made by the inherently antisemitic Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is shown in this video bellowing for his countrymen to liberate “Palestine”, while the listening masses in Tahrir Square roar their approval.

And there are plenty more where that came from:

It’s all part and parcel of Al Beeb’s refusal to acknowledge the true nature and ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood, and its dismissive attitude towards those who warn of them.

Assad Elepty, a Coptic Christian in Sydney who as well as being an activist in the cause of the Copts of Egypt is also a staunch supporter of Israel (he has campaigned tirelessly against the shameful decision of Marrickville Council to join the BDS brigade), is ever alert to manifestations of Islamism in Egypt, which has cost his co-religionists so dear (and continues to do so, a Coptic priest having been found murdered with 22 stab wounds just the other day).

 Here’s his take on the Muslim Brotherhood's role in the Egyptian revolution:

'Contrary to the misleading and offensive rhetoric given in speeches by members of Sydney’s Muslim community,(during a rally held near the Lakemba Mosque on 31 January 20011), the fall of Mubarak was not as a result of western influence, or that “the US or Britain dropped  their “Arab Puppet”.

(A shortened version is at: )
The reality of the situation is that the Muslim Brotherhood have had a personal vendetta with Mubarak for 30 years. He kept them on a tight leash and came down on them with ruthless force in the lead up to the December 2010 election. They lost every seat in parliament (88), and over 1600 MB members and supporters were arrested and detained.
The revolution was a gift horse “that they never dreamed of”.
I commend Frontline for their report on “the behind scenes role played by the Muslim brotherhood to ensure the demise of Mubarak”

Full transcript:
The revelations disclose members of the Muslim Brotherhood not only actively assisted in organising the revolution; they in fact knew it was coming, “it was the pay back”.
The senior leadership of the MB waited 3 days, before unleashing their well oiled machine and swung into action to ensure the revolution did not loose momentum.
(My question is “Was the Army aware of the pending revolution”?)
Let’s look at the actions of the army and not forget that on the day of the victory celebration, (1 week to the day after the fall of Mubarak)
 The youth that organised the revolution played no role in this momentous occasion.
The Prayers, sermon and victory speech was made by the banned father figure of the Muslim Brotherhood Yusuf Qaradawi.
It was the Army that forced the hand of Mubarak and forced him to step down. Yes it was the army and not any western nation, “switching its allegiance in Egypt that brought down Hosni Mubarak”.
It was also the Army that escorted Qaradawi, guarded him and returned him to his home after the sermon and speech.
It was also the army that refused to appoint a civilian committee to re write the constitution and instead handpicked a 10 man panel to amend certain articles of the constitution exclusive of Article 2.
Egypt's Military Council, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, formed a panel charged with drafting modifications to Egypt's current (albeit suspended) constitution.
In forming this new panel, the Council dissolved another one that was formed in the last days of Mr. Mubarak's rule, which included ten renowned, and 'apolitical,' judges, academics and public personalities.
Instead of relying on those experts, the Council created a new, smaller panel that includes two Islamists. Not only is neither an expert person on constitutional issues, but one is a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood the other is a theorizer of extremist views, especially regarding the position of non-Muslims in the Islamist state he proclaims.
By excluding from the panel political representatives from all other parts of the political spectrum even those behind or participating in the 'January 25 Revolution' the military is sending an unambiguous message regarding its bias (for whatever reasons) towards the Islamists.'


  1. The media's refusal to recognise the open anti-semitism that is at the core of the Arab revolutions is truly scandalous and is itself a classic case of anti-semitism. Imagine for a minute if those stars of david drawn on the dictators' heads were, say symbols denoting them as homosexuals (or any other minority at all). The media narrative would be entirely different.

    Regarding the actions of the Egyptian army, the most important one is missing from the above analysis: They allowed the Iranian warships to enter the Suez canal. Given Egypt's previous stance vis a vis iran and given the 'peace treaty' with Israel this act alone was, essentially, a declaration of war against Israel.

  2. What was Steven Schama doing on the programme, was he their token Jew? What does he know about the wider ME, he's an art historian. There are worse people but bringing him on was absurd and he was useless.

  3. Thanks for the comments.
    Edgar, excellent points - I entirely agree with you, and it was remiss of me to overlook the Iranian ships.
    Miranda, I agree; he was not the most appropriate pundit!

  4. BBC News reports John Galliano's anti-semitism in Paris (alleged)when drunk but not the much more important anti-semitism from Muslim crowds (sober).

  5. Of course not, Miranda. At this point my feelings toward Al Beeb's hypocrites are unprintable!


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