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Monday, 11 January 2016

Would You Tell Your Citizens to Boycott This, President Zuma?

The year 2015 closed with the BDS movement in South Africa releasing a triumphalist video:

They're not alone in that: a number of Israel-hating activists around the world have been doing likewise.  But unlike the BDS movement in most countries, their efforts to isolate, undermine, and destroy Israel as we know it are supported by their country's head of state.
“We reiterate that we discourage travel to Israel for ANC leaders, members, and representatives, for business and leisure purposes. The ANC encourages our government to continue its programme of talking to all parties in the Palestinian territory and calls on the people of Palestine to work together to bring about self-determination."
Thus declared South Africa's President Jacob Zuma on 8th January, during the ANC’s 104th anniversary celebrations.
President Zuma went on:
“The ANC is very concerned about the deteriorating situation in the Middle East as this has the potential to trigger a global conflagration. We urge parties to co-operate in line with principles of international law and resolutions of the United Nations.”
Now, President Zuma, it's a sad and well-known fact that more people in your country are suffering from the AIDs virus than are any other people in the world.

It says so here

In fact, it's estimated that one in ten South Africans are infected with HIV.

So reflect, sir, on this report by Rotem Elizera, which tells us that two Israeli scientists at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Professors Abraham Loyter and Assaf Friedler,
'believe they have reached a breakthrough in destroying the virus and have announced their plan to start clinical trials on human beings within three months....
The two scientists believe that the cells infected with the virus can be killed without harming the entire body, thereby curing the HIV carrier. How does it work? Instead of one copy of the virus' DNA which enters the carrier's cell, many copies will be inserted, leading to an activation of the cell's self-destruction mechanisms. The researchers have developed peptides (short chains of amino acid monomers) which cause this process.
These peptides, combined with the existing medications, were tested on cultures of human cells infected with the HIV virus. The results were promising: Within two weeks of treatment, there was no sign of the virus DNA or infected cells, and the virus was undetectable even two weeks after the end of the treatment. The researchers' conclusion was that not only can the virus infection be stopped, but that the infected cells can be destroyed too.....
Patrick Levy, 50, the first executive director of the Israel AIDS Task Force who has been an HIV carrier for 28 years now, is optimistic.
"There are always reports about breakthroughs, so I try not to expect too much so as not to be disappointed," he says. "This time it looks like a very interesting breakthrough. If it has reached the point of a clinical trial on human beings, it's definitely a dramatic development and real news.'  [Full report here]
Can you honestly say, President Zuma, that if this Israeli invention lives up to expectation and cures those carrying this horrible virus, that you would discourage your members and other South Africans from availing themselves of it.

Curing HIV sure beats spreading the virus of BDS, doesn't it, sir?

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  1. Of course this would change nothing. Similarly, PETA founder and unhinged fanatic Ingrid Newkirk famously said "I don't care if it cured AIDS and Cancer tomorrow, animal research is still wrong."