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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Grabbing the Guidelines that Make the Headlines

In that invariably clever way of his, British blogger Edgar Davidson has given insights into the guidelines that make the headlines in the leftist media (that includes the BBC).

Here are a couple of screengrabs: the remainder can be viewed here and here

Reminds me of the Online Hate Prevention Institute's ludicrous "Diktat" that I quoted here

We see the above guidelines at work with Emma Jane Kirby's piece on the BBC website referring to behavioural classes in Finland for immigrants that, afraid to call a spade a spade but evidently itching to, obediently refers to misogynistic Islamic cultures as "very conservative cultures".

And, of course, the T word is never to be mentioned when Israel is its victim.

Therefore, when I read the following by the BBC's Imogen Foulkes today, I was somewhat surprised that she had used the T word without some kind of qualification such as "regarded by some" or "regarded by Israel as" (but perhaps I'm getting too carried away):
'Controversy is growing in Switzerland over an alleged secret deal, made almost 50 years ago, between the Swiss government and the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).
The agreement, detailed in a new book, was apparently designed to prevent terrorist attacks on Swiss territory.
In return, Switzerland would offer diplomatic support to the PLO.
It followed a series of attacks in 1969 and 1970 by Palestinian groups that caused huge concern in Switzerland....
Now, in a book by Swiss journalist Marcel Gyr, information has emerged indicating that, in the stressful days and nights while Switzerland tried to get its hostages released, Swiss Foreign Minister Pierre Graber secretly contacted the PLO.
Using a member of the Swiss parliament as an intermediary, but without informing his fellow government ministers, Mr Graber, the new revelations suggest, came to an agreement under which those charged for the attack on the El Al plane would be released in return for freeing the hostages.
In addition the investigation into the bombing of the Swissair flight would be quietly shelved, and Switzerland would use its diplomatic offices to push for international recognition of the PLO....
Many of the documents relating to the events of 1970 are still classified under Swiss law but the revelations have started a big debate in Switzerland over the circumstances, if any, under which governments should consider negotiating with terrorist groups.
Almost half a century later, with many countries experiencing terror attacks, it seems outrageous to some Swiss that their own government might have done deals with groups classed as terrorists.
What is more, the relatives of those who died in the bombing of the Swissair flight may be justified in feeling angry that no one has ever been brought to justice, especially as Swiss investigators had identified a Jordanian national as the mastermind behind the attack....'
Read all of Imogen Foulkes's report here

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  1. I just don't see the appeal of obsessively worrying about what Sweden has done and has planned for Sweden. Clearly this is what they want to do. You or I laughing darkly at what to us looks like insanity is something they actually cherish. They WANT us to point at it. They believe they're right and everyone else is wrong and the more attention they get for it the better. The best thing to do is to utterly ignore them. Let them evolve or devolve into whatever they want. Why should we care? On the other hand, and in so far as it concerns Israel, they're a danger and they should all be expelled from Israel and barred from entry and all relations between the two nations should be broken unilaterally by Israel. Because they are absolutely convinced of their own perfection their own ideological purity that makes them very very dangerous. It's no different from the glint eyed insanity of ISIS or any other death cult. It just looks and dresses better. But if that's what they want, good luck and godspeed.