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Friday, 5 July 2013

"Thanks To Islam, The Truth Has Become Our Enemy" (video)

Here's that man again, defending the EDL from obloquy, and observing that "self-righteous cretins" of the "hard left nutcase fringe Stalinist wing" have silenced opposition to "the real fascism," with the result that, owing to the connivance of "cosy progressive middle-class" cowards, "all our [western] values have been turned inside out" in order to appease a supremacist ideology that "despises all we stand for" including the rights of women:

Hat tip: reader Shirlee


  1. He's spot on about the UAF

    UAF rabble rouser Michael "the woolwich butcher" Adebolajo in 2009

    Why is the left so blinkered to Islamic extremism?

    Loewenstein again

  2. daphne if i remember correctly some time ago, actually a while back, you, i think, did not have a position on the EDL nor did i. but i have come around to thinking that by and large they are well intentioned and have received a terrible and i think very unfair rap from not only the media but also from all the british politicians including all or almost all the tories. i agree with what pat conway has to say on this video, as on so many other things he comments on.
    daphne have told you more then once that your blog is my very favorite and would like to hear your opinion on the EDL. your posting the video tells me that you are leaning positive. could you express your thinking at this point. keep up your terrific blog. sincerely cry4dance

    1. Well, I'm still sitting on the fence, cry4dance, but I do think that the mainstream media is loaded against them. Tommy Robinson is obviously an intelligent young man, even if he talks in a rough and ready accent and not in the tones of the chattering classes. When I see Robinson's calm intelligent response to baiting by Andrew Neil and other MSM interviewers I think of the lines about Joan of Arc at her trial: "There she faced them, one unlettered girl/ faced with their pride, their learning and their skill ..." I sympathise with the EDL's fears about mass Muslim immigration, because it's imposing on Britain and other liberal democracies a not insignificant element at odds with western values, which won't or can't assimilate, and which has more children than on average than the rest of the population. The EDL seem to be mainly young people, with young children, and it's natural that they fear for their own futures in a country that seems over- and ever- ready to placate militant Islam, and especially the futures of their children. If the EDL gratuitously marches through areas of high Muslim settlement carrying provocative slogans (as sometimes seems to be the case, at least the impression given in the media), then I condemn that as much as I would have condemned the Blackshirts marching through the Jewish East End. But I sympathise with their fears and their frustrations about leftist double standards, the perverse leftist penchant for championing an ideology which is opposed to the very rights the left claims to champion, the sheer perverse preoccupation of the left for mischief-making in a kind of death wish against their own country, and the appeasement impulse of governments that should know better. I'm certainly not convinced that the EDL consists mainly of football hooligans, and NF bovver boys.

    2. I think that line should be "matched with their pride ..."

  3. thank you daphne, do very much appreciate your opinion.
    sincerely cry4dance