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(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

In Britain, More Anti-Israel Radical Ratbaggery

That the Liberal Democrats in Britain, like the Methodist Church there, have attracted some real radical ratbags into their ranks, has been all too evident for some time.

The latest anti-Israel LibDem parliamentarian to make a crass statement offensive to truth and decency, Sir Bob Russell, asked in the Commons earlier this week a question regarding the national curriculum from the relevant minister:
"On the assumption that the 20th century will include the Holocaust, will he give me an assurance that the life of Palestinians since 1948 will be given equal attention?”
As LibDem candidate Matthew Harris, who's Jewish, blogged:
“There has been no genocide, no systematic attempt to wipe out every single person with ancestry from a particular ethnic group, so why suggest that there has?
It is entirely inaccurate to compare the injustices suffered by Palestinians to the genocide suffered by Jews; to make such a comparison is to misunderstand the former and to trivialise the latter.”
Despite expressions of outrage, Russell is unashamedly sticking to his absurd line, declaring inter alia:
"The stark facts are that Israel, by its actions, is a racist state which practices apartheid and ethnic cleansing."
Read more here and (yes, the Iranian propaganda station has been quick to pick this story up) here

As for the Methodist Church, which has been largely hijacked by political leftists with an agenda that includes demonisation of Israel, it voted last week to prepare a briefing document regarding whether to support the BDS movement.

Says a spokesman:
“All care and consideration will be taken by the Joint Public Issues Team to ensure that the briefing paper they have been asked to prepare is scrupulously fair to arguments for and against the BDS movement.
A consultation will ask for views from interested persons, groups and organisations. The briefing document is due to be presented to the council which will decide on a report to go the conference in 2014.”
 But, as Jonathan Arkush, vice-president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, observes:
“We are deeply concerned that the UK Methodist Church is seeking to involve itself yet again in the politics of boycotts against Israel,” said Board of Deputies Vice-President Jonathon Arkush. ”The resolution is ill-considered and adopted after a debate lasting less than five minutes.
The last time that the Methodist Conference sought an internal briefing on the complex issue of peace for Israel and Palestine was in 2010, and what emerged was a report so inaccurate and one sided that it caused a crisis between the Jewish and Methodist communities.
 Having recently decided to terminate its productive interfaith office, it appears odd that the Church would be asked once again to embrace divisive religious politics.”
Read more here and here


  1. Israel needs to change its visa laws and demand that members of EU Christian churches have that stamped on their passports so that British Methodists aren't accidentally allowed into the Israeli nation they loathe so much. In respect to their own wishes.

  2. More news from "apartheid" Israel
    Guess Who's Valedictorian at Israel's Top Medical School?
    "Guess who graduated first in this year's medical school class at the Technion, Israel's version of M.I.T.? The answer will surprise you. It's a 27-year-old stereotype-buster: a charming, feminist, smart, open-minded and observant Islamic woman named Mais Ali-Saleh who grew up in a small village outside of Nazareth, in Israel's Galilee."

    1. I must have missed this report on the BBC.