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Friday, 9 March 2012

Shock! On Al Beeb's Website, a hint that the Hamas Charter Is antisemitic

"It's a dream," she smiles. "But I am not optimistic."

So concludes a typically snide let's-have-another-bash-at-Israel article by the BBC's Jon Donnison, reporting on restrictings placed on Palestinians' freedom of movement between Gaza and the West Bank ever since the Second Intifada.

It was the reply of a Gaza woman whose degree in Gender Studies at Birzeit University has been put on hold owing to the Israeli restrictions.  Writes Donnison:
"I ask her if one day she can imagine going to do her shopping in the West Bank in the morning, before attending her classes in the afternoon and then heading home to Gaza in the evening for dinner with her family."
"It's a dream," she smiles. "But I am not optimistic."

Al Beeb's practice is to tell us in a sort of grudging aside that Hamas is considered by Israel to be a terrorist organisation (in the same way as the formulaic phrases "Israel says" or "Israel disputes this" turn up near the end of reports that almost invariably present the Palestinian position first), but they have never, so far as I'm aware, told us exactly and at length what is in the Hamas Charter to make Israel so justifiably fearful. Indeed, I seem recall that Jeremy Bowen, during Cast Lead, omitting the bits of a cleric's rantings that reflected genocidal intent towards Jewish (not just Israeli) children...

Donnison's latest article, entitled  "Hamas denies it will attack Israel in any war with Iran," is a case in point:
"Although both Hamas and Iran are hostile towards Israel, which regards the Palestinian group as a terrorist organisation, Hamas supporters are Sunni Muslims while Iran has Shia Muslim majority.
This makes it much closer to Hezbollah, a Shia Islamist movement which operates in southern Lebanon.  [My emphasis]"
No explanation as to why.

Today on the website there's an admission of sorts that the Hamas Charter is antisemitic, but you have to read Al Beeb's rather snotty feature on Freemasonry to find it:
"The charter of Hamas - the Islamist party governing Gaza - states that the Freemasons are in league with the Jews and the Rotary Club to undermine Palestine"
Of course, the admission is not there to highlight judeophobia, but to inform a point the freelancer (note, freelancer, not one of the Bowen gang) who wrote it is making about attitudes to Freemasons.

So, when will Al Beeb give the bare facts about the antisemitic and genocidal nature of the Hamas Charter on its Middle East pages, so that readers have the full background of what valiant Israel is up against?

"It's a dream," she frowns. "But I am not optimistic."


  1. Geoffff's Joint, Bar and Grill.

    Open for business

    Thank you Shirlee for the DVD ("The Forgotten Refugees"). I watched it this afternoon with my old dad. It reminded me why I do this stuff.

  2. Just querying the number of fs in that url, Geoff.

  3. The issues is that it's no longer a bad thing to openly say you ARE antisemitic. So the Beeb is merely doing what it does every day. Unfortunately Anglo Jewry simply does not understand this. And when there's a new face on the Nuremberg Laws and it's happening in Britain, just like in the 1930's and 40's the Jews will resolutely refuse to believe that what is happening to them is indeed happening.

  4. Another typical anti-Israel beat-up by the BBC. At the risk of repeating myself:

    1. Israel is a sovereign country, Israel alone decides who would come through its gates, not the BBC or anyone else for that matter.

    2. From 1967 Until the Second Intifada Palestinians had practically free passage between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, the rest is history.

    3 Prior to 1967, what “rights” were there for Palestinians for a free movement between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank? None!

    4. Gender Studies in Al-Quds University, huh? What exactly do they teach there? That women are the property of men, that women who “do not behave” can be beaten by men, that woman who claims that she was raped needs to bring 4 MEN as witnesses etc etc etc.

    (As a matter of interest, I checked Al-Quds University web site and I could not find such course, nothing even close).

    Daphne, “Israel says” in BBC language means “these are the facts”; had the BBC not thought so they would no doubt have refuted what “Israel says”.

    And I said nothing about the Hamas.

    More Kleenex?

  5. Quit right Daphne.

    Sometimes I lose count myself. It comes with the stutter.

  6. Jacob,the BBC reminds me of the NYT

    But "israel says" looks to me like it should have a "but they would say that, wouldn't they?" attached.

    So fourefs, then, Geoff!