Eretz Israel is our unforgettable historic homeland...The Jews who will it shall achieve their State...And whatever we attempt there for our own benefit will redound mightily and beneficially to the good of all mankind. (Theodor Herzl, DerJudenstaat, 1896)

We offer peace and amity to all the neighbouring states and their peoples, and invite them to cooperate with the independent Jewish nation for the common good of all. The State of Israel is ready to contribute its full share to the peaceful progress and development of the Middle East.
(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

With a liberal democratic political system operating under the rule of law, a flourishing market economy producing technological innovation to the benefit of the wider world, and a population as educated and cultured as anywhere in Europe or North America, Israel is a normal Western country with a right to be treated as such in the community of nations.... For the global jihad, Israel may be the first objective. But it will not be the last. (Friends of Israel Initiative)

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Bibi in Budapest: "There is This Camouflaged Antisemitism That is Directed at the Rebirth of the Jewish People"

Addressing members of the Hungarian Jewish community, the great communicator speaks of the contributions of "these two genius Jews of Hungary," namely "our modern Moses, Theodor Herzl" and Max Nordau, to the noble movement Zionism, and lauds Viktor Orban for his friendship towards Israel:

Given that deeply ingrained sense of history of his, Bibi begins this typically splendid (and upbeat) speech ("Markets first, technology second") at the Israel-Hungary Economic Forum, with Viktor Orban and business people from both countries, with a reference to Herzl and Nordau and so much more:

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

John Bolton Anew on the Iran Threat

Recently, the former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, was among the distinguished speakers at the Free Iran gathering in Paris:

Now, for the Gatestone Institute here, he warns anew of Iran's nuclear threat:
'Tehran's violations of the deal have become public, including: exceeding limits on uranium enrichment and production of heavy water; illicit efforts at international procurement of dual-use nuclear and missile technology; and obstructing international inspection efforts (which were insufficient to begin with).... Care to bet how close Tehran — and North Korea — now are? Consider the costs of betting wrong'
Meanwhile, Stephen Sizer and Jenny Tonge, two Israel-hater "Peacemaker Mediators" exult:

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Misplaced Tsorres Over Soros?

See Times of Israel by clicking caption
On social media "as-a-Jew" Israel-bashers and other politically "progressive" usual suspects are heartily recommending an op-ed in the New York Times by Mairav Zonszein that's full of apologetics for George Soros.

"Israel's War against George Soros," it's called, and it begins:
 "As a Holocaust survivor, a successful financier who embraces free market capitalism and a philanthropist who champions liberal democracy, George Soros should be a darling of the Israeli establishment."
And continues:
"For years Mr. Soros largely avoided Israel-related philanthropy, but he became involved in 2008 when he contributed to J Street, a moderate pro-Israel, pro-peace lobbying group based in Washington, after it was founded. Through his Open Society Foundations, Mr. Soros also contributes to the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem and the anti-occupation group Breaking the Silence, which have been subjected to a growing delegitimization campaign by the Israeli government.
But Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, raised the stakes in this feud last week when his foreign ministry issued a statement that, in effect, backed a Hungarian government propaganda effort against Mr. Soros and joined its denunciation of him....."
But as another writer reminds us:
".... George Soros is also a “progressive” (although it wasn’t so progressive to rip off all those British working people), and viciously anti-Zionist. He donates very large sums to left-wing organizations all over the world, including many that advocate BDS against Israel. Soros and groups connected to him have given millions to J Street, the phony “pro-Israel” lobbying group in the US.
Indeed, the Soros contribution to anti-Israel incitement is probably exceeded only by what comes from European governments, Saudi Arabia and Iran..."
In essence Mairav Zonszein, who's a contributor to +972 Magazine, surely tends to underline the validity of Evelyn Gordon's recent article in Commentary magazine entitled "The Left’s Inversion of Anti-Semitism".

Evelyn Gordon concedes that
"Some attacks on Soros are anti-Semitic, like when someone at an anti-refugee rally in Poland in 2015 set fire to an effigy of an Orthodox Jew which he said represented Soros. That’s classic anti-Semitism; it implies both that the real problem is Soros’s Jewishness rather than anything he did, and that all Jews are responsible for Soros’s actions."
 And there's certainly cause for concern (see the Times of Israel here)

Yet, Evelyn Gordon goes on to observe:
'The Hungarian campaign, however, targets Soros not for his Jewishness, which it never even mentions, but for his actions: specifically, the fact that he is one of the main financial backers of pro-immigration organizations in Hungary. . . . Yet both Jews and non-Jews have risen up to declare such criticism “anti-Semitic” solely because he happens to be Jewish. . . .
Now contrast this with, say, what happened at last month’s “Chicago Dyke March,” when three people carrying rainbow flags with Stars of David on them were kicked out of the march because the flag was “pro-Israel,” and therefore unacceptable at a progressive demonstration. The Star of David is the most recognizable Jewish symbol in existence; . . . that’s precisely why Israel put it on its national flag. That’s also why the so-called “Jewish pride” flag has a Star of David on its rainbow background—not to represent Israel, but to represent the marchers’ Judaism. . . .
In other words, these marchers were expelled solely for carrying an obviously Jewish symbol at a progressive event. This is classic anti-Semitism: Jews are welcome only if they divest themselves of anything that could identify them as Jews. Yet in the progressive world, such anti-Semitism is deemed perfectly acceptable so long as you claim, as the march organizers did, that the victims were expelled for being “Zionists.”. . .
[Thus, for] the progressive left . . . targeting people for being Jewish is no longer anti-Semitic, but targeting people for being progressive activists is. . . . [I]nstead of being a shield to protect Jews, charges of anti-Semitism have become a shield to protect leftists. And thereby the left has completed the process of redefining anti-Semitism to its own benefit, to the detriment of the Jews.'
See also Breitbart here

Bibi and his wife arrive in Hungary:

In the third of these videos Bibi speaks from about 1:26. 

Monday, 17 July 2017

"The Future Belongs To Those Who Innovate": Bibi in Paris

Shamefully, Israel-haters demonstrated ahead of Bibi Netanyahu's visit to France, to commemorate  the 75th anniversary of the rounding up and incarceration of Paris’ Jews in the Vél d'Hiv in 1942.

How miffed they must be when they see footage of Macron and Netanyahu today (Bibi's remarks start about 7:55) and Macron's declaration that “We will not surrender to anti-Zionism, because it is a reinvention of antisemitism”:

Bibi's splendid address earlier:

 "Mr. President, my friend Emmanuel Macron, and all the distinguished people that are assembled here, the Mayor of France, our respective ambassadors, the heads of the Jewish community, the witnesses, those who've worked so hard to bear witness. I want to thank you for inviting me to join you today to honor the memory of the Jews who were dispatched from this place to the death camps.
We've heard stirring testimonies, heart-rending testimonies. They were incinerated into smoke and dust. Four thousand here, children. To get a scale of the Holocaust, what happened here on that day in the heart of Paris, multiply it by 400 times, 400 Parises, and you will get the scale, the enormous scale of the destruction of European Jewry, the destruction of our children.
I've come here today from Jerusalem, the eternal united capital of the Jewish people and the Jewish state. I've come here to bow my head in memory of our slain brothers and sisters, slaughtered solely because they were Jews. I've come here to mourn with you the victims. My wife Sara, who's with us, lost her entire family in the Holocaust. We all come to mourn together the victims, but at the same time to proudly declare: Am Yisrael Chai! The people of Israel lives!
Seventy-five years ago, a heavy darkness descended on this City of Lights. The Nazis, yes, the Nazis and their collaborators in France, and Jacques Chirac and successive presidents deserve much credit for telling the truth. They shattered the lives of thousands of French Jews at Vel’ d’Hiv. It seems that the values of the French Revolution – Liberty, Equality and Fraternity – these values were crushed brutally under the boot of antisemitism. Yet we must say, and we heard it today as well, we must say that not all was dark.
And, on behalf of the State of Israel, on behalf of the Jewish People, I salute the noble French citizens, who at great risk to their own lives, saved their Jewish compatriots. We will always remember with profound gratitude and admiration the heroic residents of places like Chambon-sur-Lignon, who saved thousands of Jews. This is a special heroism. We have known in Israel a lot of heroism, as have you here in France. This is different heroism. There is heroism in battle, in pitting one's life to save others. But the heroism of the people who saved Jews involved putting their families at risk, putting their children, their wives, their husbands, at the risk of execution.
We will never forget, never, these great human beings, Chasidei Umot Ha'Olam, the Righteous Among the Nations. They give us a map and a compass for charting the course of humanity.
After the horrific Second World War, France built itself anew to a thriving successful democracy of enterprise and culture. So did the Jews of France. For many, Simone Weil symbolized this rebirth. Simone bore the number 78651 on her arm, as a permanent reminder of her suffering in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. As a minister in successive French governments, as President of the European Parliament, Simone Weil vanquished her persecutors. So did the Jewish People.
Out of the ash of destruction, we established the Jewish State. And it is the strength of Israel that is the one certain guarantee that the Jewish People will never undergo a Holocaust again. Never again. We will never let it happen again.
Mr. President, my friends, We have come here with survivors of this persecution, like Mr. Noah Kliger, who is with us. He's over 90 years old. He is here in a wheelchair. He is here because he and we have learned the timeless lessons that discrimination and persecution often starts with the Jews, but it never ends there. Recently, we have witnessed a rise of extremist forces that seek to destroy not only the Jews and of course the Jewish state as well, but well beyond that. They wish to destroy anyone that stands in their way – Jews, Christians, Muslims, who suffer the brunt of their savagery.
Monsieur le President,Two days ago in Nice, you said that this was a war of civilizations. I fully agree. Militant Islam wants to destroy our common civilization. The militant Shiites led by Iran, the militant Sunnis led by ISIS – both seek to vanquish us. They seek to destroy Europe.
It may not be obvious today, but it is completely obvious for anyone who listens to what they say, what they preach, what they teach their disciples, what they teach their children. They must vanquish, overcome, subdue, and ultimately eliminate European civilization. Israel is merely the first Western target that stands in their way. Militant Islamists do not hate the West because of Israel. To the contrary, they hate Israel because of the West, because they rightly see in Israel a forward bastion of our common values of freedom, humanism, democracy. They try to destroy us, but also they try to destroy you, and France is a leading power in the world, a leading democracy, so it is not being spared either. In Nice, in Paris, in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray and elsewhere, savage terrorists brutally murdered French citizens. They have also targeted French Jews in Toulouse, in the Hyper Cacher here in Paris, and recently, with the horrific murder of Sarah Halimi of blessed memory.Mr. President,You stand boldly and proudly against this scourge. You clearly condemn and fight antisemitism, and you clearly condemn and fight this larger militancy that seeks to destroy our world.
I was deeply impressed by the fact that your first visit abroad was to Mali where this cancerous plague is trying to consume the heart of Africa and from there, expand elsewhere.
Monsieur le President,Your struggle is our struggle. The zealots of militant Islam, who seek to destroy you, seek to destroy us as well. We must stand against them together; we must remain strong against them together; and we must defeat them together. For the sacred honor of those who perished here, for the sake of generations to come, let us ensure victory – the victory of Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.
Let us remember the past, let us secure tomorrow."

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Great Gloating in the Glen

Despite his slogan that "Anti-Semitism is a crime" Scottish PSC chief Mick Napier has apparently done nothing to solve the problem of Jacinta and her ilk.

Perhaps he's as yet unaware of the Holocaust denying contingent among his followers exposed by David Collier. 

Whatever the case, Mick and the SPSC are cock-a-hoop over the outcome of a trial in Glasgow.

In the words of Press TV presenter and Islamic "revert" Yvonne Ridley,
'In yet another landmark legal victory, members of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign emerged from court victorious today after being accused of racism. Their “crime”? Standing up to Zionism.  The trial ended three years of speculation and pressure for SPSC members whose robust defence of their actions won the day in Glasgow Sherriff’s Court when the verdict was announced on Friday.
Four days of evidence and cross-examinations earlier this month focussed on the actions of two SPSC members who faced charges of racism and aggravated trespass for a protest against Israeli company Jericho cosmetics, which operates around the Dead Sea in the occupied West Bank. The protest was held in the wake of Israel’s 2014 military offensive against Palestinian civilians besieged in the Gaza Strip. More than 2,200 Palestinians were killed by the Israelis during the offensive, including 550 children, before in the war ended on 26 August. During the demonstration on 13 September 2014, the SPSC protesters denounced the killings.
Police were called to the shopping centre where the protest was being held, leading to the arrest of the two SPSC members accused of racism. “In other words,” explained Mick Napier, one of those arrested, “we were accused of being motivated by hatred of Israelis rather than opposition to Israel’s repeated massacres, apartheid across the whole of Palestine and genocidal violence in Gaza.”
During the Glasgow trial, the SPSC was buoyed by a High Court ruling in London that the Conservative government in Westminster acted unlawfully when it tried to prevent local councils in Britain from divesting from companies involved in Israel’s military occupation. The successful legal challenge for the right to boycott was brought by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in London, supported by War on Want, the Campaign Against the Arms Trade and the Quakers.
However, Napier wasn’t convinced that the result of the latest trial was a foregone conclusion. “Given their past record, we felt it was unlikely that even this High Court ruling in favour of BDS [boycott, divestment and sanctions] would stop Scottish prosecutors’ related efforts to criminalise the campaign in support of Palestinian freedom.”
The prosecutor — called the Procurator Fiscal in the Scottish legal system — claimed in open court that the two accused in the Glasgow case were recycling an ancient anti-Semitic “Jewish blood libel” by speaking about Israeli mass murder of Palestinians. The Procurator Fiscal’s office made these claims, said Napier, while the violated people of Gaza “were still looking for ice-cream freezers and vegetable refrigerators in which to store the bodies of children killed by Israel’s military.”
In their testimony last month, Napier and his co-accused Jim Watson both rejected the claims made by prosecution witnesses, a Chief Inspector of police, the manager of the Jericho stall and two local Zionist activists. The prosecution claim was that staff were intimidated by “racist” placards and the shouting of “racist abuse”; this was the description of the SPSC’s criticism of the pro-Israel counter-demonstrators for supporting Israel’s most recent massacre of Palestinians.
The “racist” placard with which the Procurator Fiscal and Zionist witnesses took particular issue was a symbolic but graphic image of blood dripping under the name “Dead Sea cosmetics”. Napier pointed out that at the time of their protest, the UN Secretary-General was describing Israel’s massacre of thousands of Palestinians as a “moral outrage and criminal act” and a “gross violation of humanitarian law.”
“When the Scottish government joined in by denouncing the ‘deep inhumanity’ of the Israeli massacre,” noted Napier, “the Scottish procurators fiscal were working hand in glove with pro-Israel lobby groups to silence voices of Palestine solidarity.”
The SPSC has faced repeated efforts by pro-Israel lobbyists and Scottish prosecutors to criminalise the group’s pro-Palestine activities. The Zionist record to-date is one of almost total failure; legal action has failed to secure any convictions of pro-Palestine activists.
“There was, however, a consolation prize [for the Zionists] when we were both found guilty of refusing to leave the shopping centre when asked to do so by the police,” said Napier. “I was also convicted of aggravated trespass for protesting inside the shopping centre. We will be appealing against both convictions so any celebrations by the Zionists will, I suggest, be a bit premature.”
In February last year, two employees of the pro-Israel Community Security Trust made allegations against SPSC members but that was also thrown out by Kilmarnock Sheriff Court when the Sheriff ruled that the crime as alleged had not taken place. “Had we not had the benefit of an Al-Jazeera Arabic language broadcast of the protest where the CST tried to secure an assault conviction there might have been a different outcome,” added Mick Napier.'
She never did say whether her stents were made in Israel
Come on, Mick.  Pull yer finger out.  What will you do with a problem like Jacinta?

(Meanwhile, here in Australia, a setback for an as-a-Jew Israel hater)


Friday, 14 July 2017

"It's About Time We Had an Intifada in This Country!" (video)

A collection of eyebrow-raising pronouncements from an American professor:

Asserts the uploader, Canary Mission, which has a must-read post here
'Nablus-born Hatem Bazian, is notorious for calling for intifada [violent uprising] in the USA. He is the founder of radical organizations, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and American Muslims for Palestine (AMP). He is a serial pusher of conspiracies, and has a 'project' to re-write history. More worryingly, he is largely responsible for the wave of antisemitic incitement across North American campuses.'

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Ben Shapiro & Qanta Ahmed on US Activist Linda Sarsour (video)

First, Ben Shapiro (

 Second, Dr Qanta Ahmed (

See also Nonie Darwish here