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Thursday 11 June 2020

Towards the West's Destruction, Every Knee Must Bend

Catholic clerics in El Paso (Image: (Associated Press)
We could all be forgiven for assuming that the Religion of Peace™ had never had any involvement in the enslavement and exploitation of black people, to hear the Islamic preachers featured below talk.  But who can truly blame them for taking the opportunity of exploiting the current insanity and naivity prevalent in the West with regard to the excesses of the Black Lives Matter movement in order to advance Islam?

In this photo, for instance, are some of the nice but naive Vicar of Rome's nice but naive representatives in El Paso, including a bishop,  paying homage to the movement.

Grab a sick bag and look at this!

This Lowell, Massachusetts, policeman had more gumption and commonsense when, despite raucous intimidatory demands that he "take a knee" he calmly and steadfastly refused to do so.

 So, too, did black Georgia State Trooper O'Neal Saddler, who explained that he kneels only before God, a principle that accords with many Jews and others, including this rabbi:

The link above also shows that State Trooper Saddler has also sensibly observed that 'the actions of bad officers don't make me or other good officers bad'. 

One of the latest targets of the Black Lives Matter movement has been the memorial in Boston to the 54th Massachusetts Regiment, that band of black Civil War heroes and their young white commander, Captain Robert Gould Shaw, whose courage and sacrifice in the cause of human dignity and freedom was so memorably told in the 1989 movie Glory.

Another target, of course, has been Sir Winston Churchill's statue near the Houses of Parliament in London.  For shame.

Heaven help anybody who dares to suggest that a better slogan than Black Lives Matter is the inclusive All Lives Matter, which embraces every human being, or who, while conceding that his was a terrible, unconscionable way to die and that Derek Chauvin thgoroughly deserves punishment for his brutal actions, that there are worthier heroes for Afro-Americans than a career criminal such as George Floyd.  If that brave and articulate black American, the estimable Candace Owens, could not escape calumny for saying so, what hope is there for the rest of us from demonisation as racists by political "progressives"?

Is there no limit to this demented thirst for revenge against all white people (including Jews who don't know or don't care that the Black Lives Matter movement is deeply infested with hostility towards both Jews and Israel) for the racist behaviour of some?  Who, in all honesty, can deny that much of what we are seeing is racism in reverse?

Meanwhile, here are the two Olde Tyme preachers I referred to in the introductory sentence, making mischief out of these crazy times in which we are now suddenly embroiled.

Below is Islamic scholar Nafis Abu Zayd Sparrow of Philadelphia, where he was formerly an imam, and is now librarian at the Maktabah Ibn Taymiyyah Islamic Library and Learning Center,  talking on 2 June, in the wake of George Floyd's death.

To quote Memri TV):
'Comparing the black community to the Children of Israel, whom he said would kill their own prophets, he said that one must fight in order to attain freedom and that this is what had been advocated and spoken about by Malcolm X, whom he said had been the leader that had adhered most closely to the Quran and the Sunnah.
 Sparrow said that if people who are fed up with the system want to make a difference, they must become a formidable and respected foe. He explained that it takes some "real fighting" to stand up, that revolution requires bloodshed, and that America's indigenous blacks should fight for their own land, similar to how Asians have Chinatown and how the Jews in New York have their own "police state" [Emphasis added]'
 Sparrow elaborated that he is "all for" doing what Malcolm X had advocated, and he said that since people are not ready for any form of Jihad, they should be quiet, supplicate to Allah, and inspire others.....' 
And here, on 4 June, is British Islamic scholar Sheikh Haitham Al-Haddad, of Palestinian background, a board member of several Islamic organisations, talking in the aftermath of George Floyd's death ("Surrender yourself to the real superpower -- Allah.").

 To quote Memri TV:
'He said that democracy is being abused by powerful people, that his idea for "post-democracy" is a merge between democracy and Islam, and that the only solution for abuse of power is submission to Allah [Emphasis added].

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  1. When has the 'black community' ever stepped up to help or defend anyone but themselves? I honestly can't think of a single instance. I'd also like to know the relative size of charitable donations from the 'black community' vs other groups. As far as I can tell it's a one-way relationship where all good deeds, support, money and effort only goes to the black community and never the other way around. They've already excluded me and told me I'm the problem. Fair enough. I'm the ogre. Ok. I will never work against my own interests.


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