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Sunday, 10 November 2019

"'I'm Not English ... I am a Real Jew Now"

Former BBC journalist Llewellyn reacts to Freedland's angst
"We Jews have evolved to be neurotic; so neurotic that, in certain circumstances, the Syrian border feels slightly safer than Muswell Hill.... The libel that the Jews are the enemy of everything holy (formerly Christ, now socialism) has returned.

There are allies, but they are largely outside Labour now. Ian Austin, a Labour MP for 14 years, now an independent, this morning asked Labour supporters to vote Tory: due to anti-Semitism....
....‘Jew’ is absolutely a loaded word again. I have been told, very recently, that the Rothschilds control Europe — at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting of all places; and by a socialist, naturally. This is normal. When I ask Labour members about anti-Semitism they react with denial or, more likely, fury; why do we seek to maim the utopia, and why do we not do something about Islamophobia? ....  That Labour call themselves progressives, and yet are imbued with the infection of ancient Christian Jew-hatred — the murder of God was our original sin — is equally laughable. We have returned to our settled place; too proud, in every sense, to assimilate; rather, we drift across the world to where we feel safe: the Syrian border for some; Muswell Hill for others.

At least I feel close to my ancestors now; I understand them better. I’m not English ....No, I’m not. If I was an English schoolgirl, I am a real Jew now."

So declares Tanya Gold in a Spectator article here.

Meanwhile, in the Guardian, Jonathan Freeland, who deplores Boris Johnson and his "Islamophobia", has a similar lament of betrayal and political homelessness. Inter alia:
"Because while I want desperately to avoid Brexit, and while I have nothing but contempt for Johnson and his hard-right party, the prospect of Prime Minister Corbyn fills me with dread.... The thought of it prompts in me, and the overwhelming majority of the community I grew up in, a fear that we have not known before.
I’m referring to Britain’s Jews who, for the first time in their history, have concluded that someone hostile to them is on the brink of taking democratic power. Yes, of course, not every single British Jew holds that view. But the most recent poll found that 87% regard Corbyn as an antisemite, meaning an anti-Jewish racist.
Why? The recitation is now wearily familiar. Recall that Corbyn’s first reaction on hearing of a plan to remove a mural filled with hideous caricatures of hook-nosed Jewish bankers was to ask, “Why?” Or that he decided to challenge two “Zionists” not on their arguments but by suggesting that, though they “might have lived in this country for a very long time”, they “don’t understand English irony”. Or that, when a Palestinian Islamist preacher was found by a British tribunal to have peddled the medieval and lethal myth of Jews feasting on the blood of gentile children, Corbyn declared that man a very “honoured citizen”, and invited him for tea in the House of Commons. (And those are merely some of the greatest hits; the full discography runs much longer.)
For four years, Britain’s Jews have – naively, perhaps – waited for the moment when one of these revelations would prove too much for the Labour faithful, shocking them into action....
But no. No revelation has ever proved shocking enough that it couldn’t be explained away by those who’d rather not see it....
We’re meant to cheer that Chris Williamson has been barred from standing again as an MP. But Jews remember that, even when Williamson’s penchant for egregious Jew-baiting was well known, Corbyn was still praising him''.... Labour’s crop of prospective parliamentary candidates has included several with a documented history of anti-Jewish bigotry, Twitter back-catalogues playing on all the familiar tunes of Jewish conspiracy, greed and the rest of it. Two candidates were forced to step down on Thursday, one for calling a Jewish fellow councillor “Shylock”. It suggests this is no longer a problem of one man, but that the malaise is now institutional....None of us should be forced to choose between a hard Brexit enforced by an Islamophobe, and electing a man whose record fills one of Britain’s smallest minorities with fear...."
And in the meantime the Inminds group, an Islamic community initiative, finds yet another Zionist enterprise to rant and rave about:

(An Alex Seymour/Seymour Alexander video)

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  1. First the Jew haters ask you to leave, then they demand you leave. Then things take a darker turn and you're suddenly barred from leaving at all. All I can suggest is have an exit plan before you arrive at phase 3. Certainly you should have an inkling of a plan before the pogroms start. Even if you don't think you're still Jewish, they never forget. You know what they call a 30 year Jewish convert to Protestantism? The Jew. So good luck and godspeed.


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