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Friday, 25 October 2019

When Stuart Met Anne-Marie

Much anger and indignation by Aussie feministas about a nasty misogynistic chant by teenage students from a prestigious Catholic boys' school last week as they travelled to an athletics event on public transport.  Yes, the boys' behaviour on the tram was intimidatory and despicable, and, yes, it's deserved all the adverse publicity and condemnation it has garnered.

The school's head was swift to issue a robust denunciation of the boys and to suspend the miscreants (not robust enough for some critics). Among those outraged women (and some men) baying for the closure of boys' private schools on the grounds they produce the next generation of male-privileged captains of industry who discriminate against women in the workplace and, more generally, harbour contempt for and violence against women, are leftist ABC and class warfare types who studiously avoid mentioning, far less condemning, Islamic and ethnic minority misogyny.

In the Australian conservative magazine Quadrant online, meanwhile, a retired Australian judge, Stuart Lindsay,  who lunched with her in London recently avows his admiration for the feisty Dublin-born British political activist Anne-Marie Waters, founder of Sharia Watch UK, who made a failed bid fir the UKIP leadership and is much maligned by the politically correct and the lily-livered.

Not for Anne-Marie the double standards of the Sistahood, whether here or in America.

Having spent an afternoon in her company, the judge, invoking a line from the famous speech before Agincourt in Shakespeare's Henry V, reflected that "She shouldn’t be doing this on her own. Englishmen must really hold their manhoods cheap after all."

Inter alia, in the judge's own words [emphasis added]:
'.... The charge whispered against Anne Marie during that UKIP election, and which [Nigel]Farage repeated publicly many times, was that she was a “racist”. The evidence for this was her relentlessly articulated belief that Islam constituted the gravest threat to the survival of Britain. But telling the truth can never be racist. And Islam is an ideology, not a race....
 " Stuart, I spent years being a Labour activist in London, standing for elections, writing their speeches and campaigning for them. I know who these people are. I know they have no principles. I know how corrupt they are,” Anne Marie explains. “They ignore violence and suppression of women by Islam because they depend on Muslim community leaders backing them.”
The apotheosis of this corruption for her was the capitulation by regulatory authorities to halal butchery of animals in the UK....
“It’s the power that this religion has in our country now. The government won’t challenge them. There are too many votes. And people are scared. They are terrified of what will happen to them if they speak up and insist that our laws are enforced.”....
[A] socialist EU has directly facilitated Islam’s rapid expansion within the nation-state. Women and girls are measurably much less safe in Britain because of it. Islam in concert with other identitarian impulses is responsible for the invention of “hate speech” and other gross disfigurements of our heritage of free expression. Her confrontation with Islam was natural and inevitable and would have been so for millions of other liberals in the West but for the ravages of political correctness. 
.... I liked her and found myself telling her I liked her. I also told her that I thought British men should feel ashamed that it was a woman, and an Irish woman at that, who was putting up the most effective fight against the enemies within.
She accepted that comradely remark in the spirit in which it was made. I could see hers was not a feminism of the modern kind, obsessed with chivalry-policing. I seem to remember that over the afternoon she used the word feminist about herself but it doesn’t matter if she did or didn’t. She cares that women are being harmed and that we are permitting medievalist mistreatment of them in our heartlands and she has determined to put it to an end....'
Read it all here

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    Most people who are less than 60 years old do not remember how Arab Muslim terrorists murdered 5 Israeli athletes and 6 Israeli coaches at the 1972 Olympics in Munich:

    Leftists and Socialists and Progressives do not want anyone to remember this incident, because it contradicts their official narrative which claims that Arabs and Muslims are innocent victims, and also claims that Israelis and Jews are violent aggressors.

    Arabs and Muslims were not satisfied with the number of Jews they killed, so in 1973, they launched an attack against Israel, on the most holy day of the Jewish calendar.
    That attack is remembered as The Yom Kippur War.
    For more information, look up Yom_Kippur_War on Wikipedia (dot) org.

    Leftists and Socialists and Progressives do not want anyone to remember this war, because many Arab nations attacking Israel on the most holy day of the Jewish calendar contradicts the official Leftist narrative which claims that Arabs and Muslims are innocent victims, as innocent and also claims that Israelis and Jews are violent aggressors.


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