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Friday, 23 August 2019

Much Ado About Peterloo

On 16 August this year people in the great UK city of Manchester turned out to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the city's tragic "Peterloo Massacre", when a two-year old boy and at least seventeen other people (male and female) lost their lives, and around 600 others were injured.  These victims of the charging militia were among a vast crowd of peaceful demonstrators gathered in St Peter's Field to demand repeal of the Corn Laws and the extension of the suffrage.

 The incident is well-known to people who take an interest in history.  But this year, as this report from the BBC shows, more and more people swelled the ranks of those who gathered to commemorate the event, including, I suspect, a number of fairly fresh members of the Labour Party. 

 You know: Corbynistas.

That the story  of Peterloo tugs at the heartstrings is not surprising. 

So, of course, does the story of the "Tolpuddle Martyrs", six agricultural from a village Dorset, who in 1834 were transported to Australia, having organised themselves into a proto-trade union. 

But among those exploiting the Peterloo event for their own ends were the ratbags pictured.  

And the annual Tolpuddle Martyrs' Festival, which occurs each July?

Well, the Unite union, which is one of the UK trades unions that is anti-Israel, calling it "an apartheid state" and calling for sanctions, is well-involved with that event.

Here's a familiar demagogue at this year's Tolpuddle event:

We can, no doubt, expect more of this hijackery in the years ahead.  Don't be surprised if the 1692 massacre at Glencoe is next!


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  2. Jonathan S. Tobin said:

    When The New York Times decided
    to give the Democratic presidential
    candidates a chance to answer 18
    policy questions in a video essay,
    the only one that touched on
    the Middle East went as follows:

    “Do you think Israel meets international
    standards of human rights?”

    That question summed up the anti-Israel
    bias of the so-called newspaper of record
    as well as anything it has ever published.

    Considering the scores of nations with
    egregious human-rights records and
    the presence in Israel’s immediate
    proximity to many of them, it speaks
    volumes about the obsessive nature
    of the paper’s prejudice that the
    only query it would ask about was
    the one country in the region that is
    a democracy and respects human rights.

    SOURCE: Trump discarded the
    carrot-and-stick approach to Israel

    by Jonathan S. Tobin, 2019 June 20

    Mr. Ira Stoll said:

    “The comparisons between the Palestinian Arab struggle against Israel and the struggle for black civil rights in the United States and in South Africa are inexact. They tend to obscure the realities of the situation rather than clarify it.

    They are shortcuts, appealing to those who would prefer to avoid the hard work of learning the history of the Middle East and who would prefer instead to jump to conclusions based on more familiar cases.

    If the comparisons do apply, the Israelis themselves have a reasonable claim that they are the blacks, victims of irrational bigoted discrimination and unjustified violent attacks.”

    SOURCE: New York Times Profile
    of Palestinian Diplomat Pushes Israel-Apartheid
    by Ira Stoll, 2019 July 1

    Jerold Auerbach said:

    “Blithely disregarding modern history — to say nothing of ancient Jewish sovereignty in the Biblical homeland of the Jewish people — [Nathan] Thrall [of The New York Times] ignores international guarantees dating from the 1920s (and never rescinded) that recognize land west of the Jordan River as the Jewish homeland.”

    SOURCE: The New York Times is
    enthralled by hating Israel
    by Jerold Auerbach

    Caroline Glick said:

    “The Far Left and anti-Semitic positions the New York Times stakes out, for instance, aren’t the function of one editor. They are reflections of the nature of the organization.”

    SOURCE: The New York Times’ 120 year war
    against the Jews
    by Caroline Glick, 06/05/2019


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