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We offer peace and amity to all the neighbouring states and their peoples, and invite them to cooperate with the independent Jewish nation for the common good of all. The State of Israel is ready to contribute its full share to the peaceful progress and development of the Middle East.
(From Proclamation of the State of Israel, 5 Iyar 5708; 14 May 1948)

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Friday, 5 July 2019

As-a-Jews Astray

What a sweet-looking old fella.

He doesn't look like a tiger, does he?

But he is.

He's John Tiger Casley, an Aussie who describes himself as a "Christian Jew".  A  "Christian Jew" without much Christian charity towards the great majority of Jews who support the State of Israel.

Read all about it on the website of his very own, um, political party.

The last time Tiger made headlines was during Australia's recent Federal Election, comfortably won, of course, by Scott Morrison and the Coalition:
'Labor has been forced to reprint how-to-vote cards in the Melbourne seat of Goldstein, following revelations it had preferenced a candidate who runs a fan club for an anti-Semitic lecturer.
Independent candidate John Tiger Casley, previously linked to One Nation, is the convener of the “David Icke Club Melbourne”, a fan club for British lecturer David Icke, who claims the world is run by a secret society of shape-shifting Jewish lizards.
Labor yesterday moved Mr Casley from fourth place on the how-to-vote card to last, after incumbent Liberal MP Tim Wilson and United Australia Party candidate Wayne Connolly. The party was also forced to dump Northern Territory Senate candidate Wayne Kurnorth over the weekend, after The Australian revealed he had shared Icke’s bizarre theories online.
Labor successfully campaigned to ban Mr Icke from coming to Australia earlier this year.
Earlier this month, former Labor MP Melissa Parke stood down as candidate for the Perth seat of Curtin following revelations she had likened Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to apartheid.
Mr Casley contested the 1998 election as a One Nation candidate in Liberal MP Kevin Andrews’s seat of Menzies.
He has also been engaged in a long-running legal feud with ABC radio host Jon Faine, who is Jewish, over the manner in which his talkback calls were treated between 1997 and 2010, and last year lost his Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal bid to have the public broadcaster sanctioned for allegedly “discriminating” against his political beliefs....'
Tiger's in the news again because this offensive poster has been spotted outside a dwelling in the up-market Melbourne suburb of Brighton, prompting complaints to the local council, which has given the culprit until Monday to remove the sign before further action is taken.
Photo: Australian Jewish News

According to the Jewish press:
'Local Jewish resident Rodney Edelsten reported the sign to The AJN after he passed it while driving to his home over the weekend.
“I found it quite abhorrent,” he said, adding that his wife lost many family members in the Holocaust. "What upset me most was actually seeing a swastika inside a Magen David.”
The Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC) also received several complaints.
“Enough is enough. We cannot treat this despicable incident as business as usual. No one in Melbourne of 2019 should be menaced by this sickening symbol of hate and oppression which is aimed squarely at Jews, though deeply offensive to the entire community,” commented ADC chairman Dvir Abramovich.
.... When asked by The AJN how he thought Shoah survivors would feel if they saw the symbol of the swastika within the Star of David, he [John Tiger Casley] retorted, “I don’t think that is logical thinking. Because I think it’s terrible what the Nazis did to the Jews; and I also think it is very nasty what the Zionists are doing to the Palestinians. It’s the same thing.”
He said the sign “espouses love” and its aim was to “educate everybody to understand that Zionism is an evil force”.
“They are the new Nazis and we don’t want them. Zionism is apartheid, racist, terrorism."....'
Regular readers of this blog will know that I have a very cynical attitude towards many "As-a-Jews", those members of the Tribe who wear their Jewishness lightly but suddenly discover it when there's an anti-Israel petition to be signed.  Numbered among them, to my certain knowledge, are people who happen to be married to a Jew or to the descendant of a Jew, have never converted to Judaism, have no intention of doing so, but assume a Jewish "identity"of their  own in the Israel-bashing cause.  As-a-Jews personally known to me include the non-Jewish leftist grandson of a Jewish paternal grandfather, his non-Jewish leftist wife, and their non-Jewish leftist son.

The following Jewish Voice for Labour petition in support of Israel-bashing MP Chris Williamson.

It's got many a non-Jewish Corbynista regretting that they're not eligible to sign.

Here, though, is a very telling Facebook exchange regarding the petition that suggests why, whenever a "Jew" is called upon to sign a statement that isn't in Israel's best interest, there is no shortage of signatories!



  1. I think that given his support for David Icke, we can also say "As-a-Christian" as well. We're plagued with those. They usually hold non-standard views. The New Testament warns against them.

    1. Thanks, Ian. Always interesting to hear from you.

  2. Ken Cohen [editor of Facts and Logic
    about the Middle East (FLAME)] said:

    Last year, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed
    bin Salman reportedly stated in a closed-door
    meeting that “Palestinians should accept
    peace or shut up and stop complaining.”

    SOURCE: Why are Arab states rejecting
    the Palestinian cause
    ? by Ken Cohen, 2019 July 2

    Nikki Haley (former USA
    Ambassador to the United Nations):

    “The number of actual Palestinian refugees is classified.

    There are multiple people working to get it unclassified.”

    SOURCE: The better and stronger
    we make Israel, the safer we make the world

    by Dr. Miriam Adelson, 2019 June 28

    “As Israeli NGO Palestinian Media Watch has documented, P.A. [Palestinian Authority] leaders are backing the decision to continue payments to terrorists and their families, even if it comes at the expense of ordinary, law-abiding Palestinian citizens.”

    SOURCE: As world leaders gathered
    in Bahrain, PA continued to prioritize ‘pay for slay’

  3. Alexander H. Joffe [a Middle East Historian] said:

    “Increasingly, discrimination against Jews is regarded as
    legitimate whether or not there is any connection to Israel.”

    SOURCE: BDS Spreads Through Community
    Organizations and K-12 by Alexander Joffe, 2019 July 2

    Alexander H. Joffe [a Middle East Historian] said:

    Similarly, neo-Nazis in Germany have begun using the phrase “Israel is our misfortune,” a sentiment that converges with the German [Leftist] Green Party’s explicit support for BDS. The crossover between the two streams was seen recently when a founder of the Green Party spoke at a neo-Nazi event.

    SOURCE: BDS Spreads Through Community
    Organizations and K-12 by Alexander Joffe, 2019 July 2

    Mr. Ariel Ben Solomon said:

    “During the past year-and-a-half, he [Yigal Carmon] explained, MEMRI concentrated on monitoring sermons by imams [Muslim preachers] across America.

    The results from a random sample of over 100 imams, he said, were shocking.

    The sermons were laced with incitement to kill Jews, support for global jihad and hard-core misogyny.

    A few imams, he said, preached tolerance and coexistence, but they were a small minority.”

    SOURCE: Supremacists and Jihadis form
    two-pronged attack threatening Jews in USA

    by Ariel Ben Solomon, 2019 June 26

  4. Mr. Dennis Prager said:

    “…as a rule, religious Jews are more committed
    to Jewish survival. One recent example:

    During the height of the Palestinian terror,
    while secular Jewish organizations cancelled
    their youth trips to Israel, the Orthodox did not.

    SOURCE: Ignoring G-d by Dennis Prager
    Kosher Spirit magazine, Fall 2003 edition

    Mr. John Rossomando said:

    “[IUMS Trustee Sheikh Hassan Ould] Aldo and the [Muslim] Brotherhood use language similar to what Hamas used in its original charter, which rejected any peaceful coexistence. To them, Palestine is part of a waqf, a holy Islamic trust, that no person can negotiate away.”

    SOURCE: Muslim Brotherhood,
    Hamas: No Peace as Long as Israel Exists

    by Mr. John Rossomando, 2019 July 1

    Mr. Yaakov Lappin [a military and
    strategic affairs correspondent] said:

    “An Iranian network of terrorist cells is spread out
    around the world, ready for activation at any time….”
    “The Iranians have built up a wide-reaching network of radical surrogates that extends beyond the Middle East. Members of this network range from hierarchical terror armies like Hezbollah, armed with massive arsenals of projectiles, to sleeper terrorist cells active in Europe, North America, and Latin America.”
    “This would explain the discovery and recent announcement of a Hezbollah bomb factory in London. It appears highly likely that the bombs were intended for Hezbollah cells intent on attacking Israeli targets in Britain.”
    “Past incidents have seen [Iran-backed]
    Hezbollah operatives scope out Israeli
    targets in countries as far away as Peru.”

    Iran Is Preparing a Worldwide Terror Network
    by Mr. Yaakov Lappin by 2019 July 3

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, bloodhound Ian. Always grateful for your finds!


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