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Thursday, 1 March 2018

"For This I Made Aliyah?"

Image: Ha'aretz
Dennis Prager is heading Down Under soon as a guest of the United Israel Appeal campaign. In an interview with the Australian Jewish News's hot-off-the-press issue foreshadowing his visit he makes the following comment, with which I entirely agree:
"If I want to criticise Israel and its poliicies, I just have to fly from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv and the next day I can do that.  But as someone who choose to live outside of Israel, my primary role has to be to defend it."
Sage advice for the NIF Australia types and other lefties, not only here but throughout the Galut, who have the bloody-minded chutzpah to tell Israel how it should be conducting itself and, worse, as in the case of the NIF Australia, to donate funds to undermine the concern of Israeli citizens regarding "infiltrators".

It's the hallmark of Leftism in the Western world as a whole (we are seeing its despicable effects in Europe, and especially in Sweden, that continent's "rape capital," as well as in Merkel's Germany) that when the "rights" of illegal immigrants conflict with the rights and interests of the citizenry as a whole, the former are always championed by the Left.

Thus it is that the "rights" of African infiltrators in south Tel Aviv are prioritised over the negative impact such infiltrators have on the quality of life for local people, perhaps especially women.

See, for example, an article this week Amir Levi (with accompanying video) that begins:
'While the disingenuous campaign to keep the illegal infiltrators in Israel is gaining momentum from various media outlets, the voice of the people whose daily lives are most effected by the situation, has received almost no attention at all.
The residents of the neighborhoods in south Tel Aviv have been those most affected by the phenomenon of illegal infiltration since it started ten years ago. They pay the steepest price for life next to the infiltrators, while all proposed solutions are stuck in a legal quagmire.
One of these women is Sophie Menashe. She made Aliyah from India at the beginning of the fifties and moved to Levinsky Street next to the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station in 1979.
“The neighborhood was a normal neighborhood, many families lived here. I had three young children and they would roam the neighborhood without problem, even at night,” she said in a conversation with Mida about those days, that seem very far away as compared to the neighborhood’s current state.
 According to Menashe, Neve Sha’anan was never an upscale neighborhood and there was always crime and poverty. However, when the large numbers of infiltrators arrived to the area, the character of neighborhood began to change.
“As the years passed, the adults died and the children left, the apartment owners started renting them to the Africans.” In the building where Sophie lives today, there are only two older Israeli women. Infiltrators live in the rest of the apartments, all of which are illegally divided into a number of living spaces.
“They simply split every apartment into a number of rooms with different entrances. In every room, four or five people live. I turned to the municipality and they told me that it is impossible to do anything because the original plans for the building were lost,” she said....
“They simply throw their trash into the courtyard from the balcony, they go to the bathroom everywhere. There are a few infiltrators who live on the roof....
"They play loud music on big speaker systems that shake the walls of my house. I feel like I’m in hell – for this I made Aliyah? To the Jewish country?”
 Read (and reflect on) the entire article here

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