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Friday, 8 December 2017

[Updated] From UK Green Pippa, What a Lotta Rotta

Among the hysterical leftist reactions to Donald Trump's announcement that the United States' Embassy in Israel will be moving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem are these posts, from the Israel-hater who used to head the Green Party of Wales, is still its deputy leader, and who aimed to be leader of the UK Greens.

I refer, of course, to Pippa Bartolotti, "Flytilla" alumna whose bloopers include carrying a very dodgy Syrian flag, and who's on record as declaring  in November last year that the Rothchilds [sic] won the US presidential election and who in March this year "liked" a Facebook post linking Israel to the 9/11 atrocity.

Ahead of a rally of Israel-haters in Cardiff at the weekend to protest the Trump announcement, Ms Bartolotti has pronounced on social media, to a predictably enthusiastic reception from those who wish Israel ill, or worse:


Of course, this reflects not only this inveterate Israel-hater's own ignorance and spleen, as well as that of many other UK lefties.  It is a damning indictment of the preoccupation with one tiny country (dat of da Joos) so many Greens have, preferring to focus on the supposed crimes of Israel in preference to virtually any other foreign issue.


Update:  The JC has now reported on Ms Bartolotti's disgraceful posts, which have drawn numerous antagonistic comments from pro-Israel Facebook readers, Jewish and non-Jewish.  Ms Bartolotti is keeping a low profile, it seems, in face of the well-merited onslaught against her.

It will be instructive to see the outcome of this letter, sent to Caroline Lucas:

More Joo-baiting from this wretched ignorant woman:


  1. Had a look at the posts Daph. She;s posted some crap in reply to the deluge of critics only to put her foot in it more -- "Pippa Bartolotti Well, I go away for a night and my my, how the zionists have piled in (as usual) with their 'extraordinary' language (as usual). I speak as I find. Always will. Thank you dear friends for your support, we know the score, and expect abuse. It is only hard to imagine the abuse ordinary palestinians have to endure on a daily basis. Thank you also to the kind and thoughtful jews who share my point of view. You are the ones in the most difficult position of all xx"
    Surprising she hasn't she come up with this alibi she used one time -- "My grandfather was jewish, so I have no axe to grind either way. For me this is a human rights situation. If the boot was on the other foot I would be supporting the jews. As you say, zionism is an ideological position – and not restricted to jews"

    1. Nathan, I believe the original quotation about her Jewish grandfather appears here:


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