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Wednesday 1 March 2017

Forgotten Something, Vicar?

As I understand the matter, our old friend the soon-to-be-ex Vicar of Virginia Water gave an undertaking to his bishop that he would cease to mention the Middle East on social media or immediately resign his pulpit.

Our old friend has seemingly forgotten that undertaking in his eagerness to bring this tribute to Sweden's ghastly foreign minister Margot Wallstrom to the attention of his faithful.  After all, the article says, inter alia:
'....It is a sign of how upside-down modern politics has become that one assumes that a politician who defends freedom of speech and women’s rights in the Arab world must be some kind of muscular liberal, or neocon, or perhaps a supporter of one of Scandinavia’s new populist right-wing parties whose commitment to human rights is merely a cover for anti-Muslim hatred. But Margot Wallström is that modern rarity: a left-wing politician who goes where her principles take her.
She is foreign minister in Sweden’s weak coalition of Social Democrats and Greens, and took office promising a feminist foreign policy. She recognised Palestine in October last year — and, no, the Arab League and Organisation of Islamic Co-operation and Gulf Co-operation Council did not condemn her ‘unacceptable interference in the internal affairs of Israel’. I confess that her gesture struck me as counterproductive at the time. But after Benjamin Netanyahu ruled out a Palestinian state as he used every dirty trick he could think of to secure his re-election, she can claim with justice that history has vindicated her.
She moved on to the Saudi version of sharia law. Her criticism was not just rhetorical. She said that it was unethical for Sweden to continue with its military co-operation agreement with Saudi Arabia. In other words, she threatened Swedish arms companies’ ability to make money. Saudi Arabia’s denial of business visas to Swedes threatened to hurt other companies’ profits too. You might think of Swedes as upright social democrats, who have never let worries of appearing tedious stand in the way of their righteousness. But that has never been wholly true, and is certainly not true when there is money at stake....'
But it's not that apparently forgotten undertaking that I refer to in the header.  It's the fact that the vicar, like Jenny Tonge, who also likes the tribute to Wallstrom, has apparently forgotten that Iran (whose PressTV propaganda channel both he and the baroness have appeared on with, pardon the phrase, gay abandon, is every bit as oppressive to women as Saudi Arabia is.)

Wallstrom, like the other feministas in the Swedish government, whose hijabbed heads and swathed bodies were bowed before the mullahs recently, have of course conveniently forgotten it too.

I suppose that's because Saudi Arabia is an ally of America and a de facto ally of Israel.  Eh, vicar?

Talking of Islam and women's rights (or lack of them), a topic that has been making headlines in Australia over the past fortnight, as apologists for Islam present it as a harbinger of feminism (!), the VladTepes blog reminds us today of this Toronto imam, making sick, outrageous claims against Israel back in 2013.

To quote the uploader: 
Shaykh Saed Rageah (الشيخ سعيد راجح) was born in Somalia and in the late 80sn moved to North America. Rageah has a Bachelor's in Islamic studies and a Masters in Shari'ah and he has had several posts over the years, including: founder of Masjid Huda in Montreal and Masjid Aya in Maryland, advisor for Muslim Youth magazine, and member in the Aqsa Association.
He is also the founder of both Muslim Magazine and Al Aqsa Association, and served as the Chaplain at both the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). Currently, he serves as Imam at the Abu Hurairah Mosque in Toronto, the Chairman for the Journey of Faith Conference and as an instructor for the AlMaghrib Institute.
In a lecture delivered in Denmark (posted on Youtube on April 15, 2013) dealing with women's right Shaykh Rageah asserted that Islam, unlike the Christianity and Judaism, dignifies women. Referring to Israel and the Jews in this regard Shaykh Rageah said the following:
"In Europe... there is something called sex slaves. What did they do? They steal little girls. Glory be to Allah (سبحان الله), You know number one in the world who does that? Number one country in the world? Israel. They are number one in sex salve, which means they gonna steal little girls and they gonna sell them, and these little girls have no hope."
Note that this is an excerpt of the original full length video which may be viewed here -


  1. Another old friend, Tony Gratrex, pictured with Corbyn here!


    1. Horrid. I don't look at the Daily Mail often but the item I linked to above is of particular interest to me because of Gratrex, one of the people that Sizer should have defriended on Facebook long ago but never has. Gratrex is one of the people exposed by David Collier in his report on antisemitism in the British anti-Israel (especially PSC) movement. I link to that 80-page report at the top of my side bar.

  3. Daphne,when did Sizer post that? The Spectator article was written 2 years ago.

    1. As far as I'm aware this week, James, the day or day before I posted it. I will check and comment again in a little while.

    2. It was this week - says February 28 at 5.47 am. It has attracted a number of comments, including one that links to an article called "The Jewish Origin of the Wahhabis".
      Stephen Sizer
      February 28 at 5:47am ·

      Another reason to like Sweden
      Sweden’s feminist foreign minister has dared to tell the truth about Saudi Arabia. What happens now concerns us all
      40 Jenny Tonge, David Ruffell and 38 others
      View 1 more comment
      Flip Chute
      Flip Chute Interesting article, despite Cohen's subjective bias
      Like · Reply · 1 · February 28 at 6:39pm · Edited
      John Barber
      John Barber thanks for the share Stephen Sizer. It inspired me to write this:
      Criticizing the Saudis
      One of the black marks, in my view, of the Theresa May regime,
      Like · Reply · 2 · February 28 at 8:05pm
      Duane Alexander Miller
      Duane Alexander Miller Thanks for sharing this. I really had no idea this was going on.
      Like · Reply · Yesterday at 1:53am
      Sami Joseph
      Sami Joseph This may surprise many and may even offend some! But, a Rabbi once wrote in Hebrew that Wahhabism is a Judaic sect. Whilst I deplore in the strongest possible terms the Saudi regime abuse of human rights (they were elected head of UN Human Rights Council!!!), I applaud the Swedish Foreign minister. However, see this:
      The Jewish Origin of the Wahhabis
      The U.S. Department of Defense has released translations of a number of Iraqi intelligence documents…
      Like · Reply · Yesterday at 10:26pm

  4. PS it only seems fair to mention that Nick Cohen, the author of the Spectator article, has subsequently criticised Wallstrom (and Sizer):

    1. Thanks, James. I have usually liked what little I have seen of Nick Cohen's work.


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