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Saturday, 6 August 2016

The BBC's Not So Savvy Lindz? Sweden's Crimes Against its People

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I'll begin.

A few days ago, BBC Travel's contributing editor  Lindsey Galloway (@SavvyLindz on Twitter) wrote an article extolling Sweden as one of the safest countries in the world.

She introduced the article thus:

"One recent study by the Reputation Institute, a consultant and advisory firm specializing in reputation, sought to quantify the idea of the most well-thought-of countries. They measured 16 different factors ­– including being a beautiful and safe place to visit, and having friendly and welcoming residents, progressive policies and an effective government ....

To find out if the reputation matched up to the facts, we talked to residents and expats living in the top five reputable countries."

 And then wrote of Sweden:
 'Newly ranked as the most reputable country in the world ... Sweden hits all the marks of being safe, welcoming and beautiful, according to its residents. The county is also unique in Western Europe, having been spared from much of the impact of World War II and remaining neutral today. 
"Swedes seem to be happy with this independent status, while at the same time being one of the most welcoming countries for refugees in all of Europe," said Dr Ernest Adams, an American-born British citizen who lives in Sweden part time as a consultant and a senior lecturer at Uppsala University. "This is a virtue they have had for a long time – they saved almost all of Denmark's Jews during the war." [My emphasis] Most expats live in Stockholm where the business and government hubs are located. English is commonly spoken, though some expats initially feel that residents can be standoffish.
"But after being here a while, you begin to realise that people like to keep themselves to themselves and they afford that respect to others too, for better or worse," said Kat Trigarszky, current resident and author of an An English Mamma in Stockholm. "It's quite usual not to know your neighbours at all well."
Entertainment and luxury items can be quite expensive in the city (VAT is 25%, and residents regularly complain about the high price of alcohol, which averages around 130 krona a cocktail). Still, many Swedes cook at home, and save on car costs by using the country's vast and affordable public transportation network.'
 Well, evidently the "we" who did the investigating were not probing enough.

"Sweden hits all the marks of being safe".  Had "we" asked Jews whether they feel safe in Sweden "we" would surely have been disabused of that notion very quickly.

 Sweden might have given sanctuary to Nazi-occupied Denmark's Jews, but their immigration policy in recent decades has left their Jewish population imperilled by Islamic antisemites, especially in Malmo.

 Funny (peculiar) not funny (ha ha) that "we" (who after all are in the news-gathering business) had no inkling of that.  Innit.
"Sweden hits all the marks of being safe".  Had "we" asked journalist Ingrid Carlqvist whether women feel safe in Sweden "we" would have been disabused of that notion equally quickly.

Here's an article by Ingrid Carlqvist hot off the press.  It's about "asylum seeker violence". Does what she's describing sound like a blissfully safe country to you?  (No, nor to me either).

Hot off the press that article may be, but the charming and voluble Ms Carlqvist has been sounding the warning bell about the inexorable decline of Sweden for quite some time now: funny (peculiar) not funny (ha ha) that "we" didn't take her opinions into account.

Surely Ingrid (who for good reason dubs Sweden "Absurdistan") doesn't say things that "we" would rather not hear?

Like the following, for example, in which Ms Carlqvist talks to Lebanese-born Canadian scholar Gad Saad about the sorry state of Sweden with its suicidal policy of admitting hordes of immigrants obstinately opposed to Western cultural norms such as democracy and the equality of women ("We are fast becoming a minority in our own country ... Most of the people coming in now are Muslims from the Middle East ...")

The video's nearly an hour long, by the way, but it's very informative and need not be watched, just  listened to.  Sweden emerges as a land of castrated males (the descendants of Vikings!) who are too emasculated to save their country and too embittered to protect their women.

Equally informative is this long and depressing video regarding "The project of annihilating Sweden ... the left and right have colluded in this national suicide" and what mass Muslim immigration portends for other Western countries setting foot on the same crazy path:

The above video contends that there is "no hope" for Sweden; it is too late to prevent this once envied and pleasant country's demise.

This video talks of  a backlash against "refugees.  It's made by Al Jazeera and I haven't watched much ot it, so what "we" would make of it I can't guess:

As for the plight of women under Islam,  Tanya Groth from Denmark harangues the hypocrisy of the politically correct Swedes (subtitles in English).

Here's the very articulate Tanya Groth again, speaking recently (in English) in Malmo (she lays into J Street, incidentally) 
(Hat tip: Vlad Tepes blog)

Anne Marie Waters of Sharia Watch gets it:

When will the Swedish "feminists" and the powerful Western women (including Hillary Clinton) shown submissively hijabbed in Daniel Pipes' oldie-but-goodie post here get it too?

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