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Tuesday 2 February 2016

"What is it with the Left and Jews? What is it with the Left and pandering to Islamists?" (includes videos)

Aussie Leftist media cartoon demonisation
As  the popular Aussie conservative columnist Andrew Bolt writes  in his syndicated column today regarding the Australian Labor Party (ALP):
 "The modern Left seems to have a Jew problem. The obsession with Jews even within Labor is extraordinary - and ominous.
What is it with the Left and Jews? What is it with the Left and pandering to Islamists?" 

Mr Bolt quotes from a sobering piece on the subject by Sharri Markson in The Australian newspaper, showing the Left faction of the ALP is so saturated now in leftist/Islamist bias against Israel as to be aiding and abetting that old demon, slumbering since the Shoah and now belligerently wide awake: Jew-hatred.

Ms Markson wrote, inter alia:
'.... The NSW ALP international relations policy committee chairman Michael Forshaw told The Australian yesterday that 39 resolutions had been received concerning Israel and Palestine, compared with 17 resolutions dealing with other international issues, such as the Syrian war, the Myanmar junta, Paris terror bombings, China free trade and foreign aid.
There were none on Saudi Arabia or Iran.
There are moves to recognise Palestinian statehood and to boycott products from Israel that originate in settlement areas, and many concerning banning trips to Israel while Benjamin Netan­yahu is Prime Minister. The move by Labor is partly driven by political motivations to secure the vote from Muslim communities in marginal southwest Sydney seats.....'
 She cites the main offenders, and their thraldom to the Muslim vote.

She reminds the reader of the 'incendiary remarks' (Jewish advocacy groups are “cancerous” and “malicious” and try to “deny, misinform and scaremonger”) made by NSW Labor politician Shaoquett Moselmane, who felt comfortable enough broadcasting ... anti-semitic sentiment within the walls of the NSW Parliament' despite having ' ironically decried racism' in his maiden speech:
'He was not shouted-out of the high office he holds for racist commentary. On the contrary, Labor continues to support him and Moselmane is now a vocal advocate behind a push to ban Labor MPs from visiting Israel on trips funded by Jewish organisations…
The father of the anti-Israel movement is Bob Carr, whose speeches have on at least one occasion, in July last year, elicited anti-semitic commentary from the audience, with a remark made about “the Jews” and their “3000-year fundamentalist influence.”
And I remain deeply concerned by comments by [Tony] Burke ...  a Labor frontbencher which seemed to legitimise Islamist terrorism against Israel....'

In the videos below pro-Israel federal MP Michael Danby, from the ALP's right faction, which, happily, still includes supporters of Israel, is seen on Australia Day talking to The Shtick's Henry Greener about the menace of the ABC's Sophie McNeill and dishonest reporting about Israel.

This one (after a few opening bars of jazz) focuses more than the top one on Ms McNeill:


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    1. He's utterly incorrigible!
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  2. Moselmane now threatens defamation suit against the Australian newspaper and Sharri Markson


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